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Ticket #11809 (Tracker: info window: wrong file size (in bytes) for files > 2 GiB (2^31 ...) created

Thu, 2015-01-29 23:31

Tracker -> "Get Info" show wrong file size (in bytes) for file sizes more than 2 GiB.

You can see it for file /boot/system/var/swap, for example.

Just set virtual memory size 2.01 Gib and reboot.

Then get file info in Tracker and see negative file size (-2,140,143,616 bytes).

Tested on last nightly hrev48745 x86_gcc2_hybrid and hrev48744 x86_64

Categories: Development

Ticket #11808 (Implement zoom for About this system) created

Thu, 2015-01-29 22:31

Currently the zoom option to switch between manual fit and best fit is not present for the About this system application. This needs to be implemented.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11807 (Can't open webpositive missing symbol) created

Thu, 2015-01-29 15:42

missing symbol _ZNK7BROster6LaunchEPKciPPePl

Categories: Development

Ticket #11806 (deskbar replicant can kill deskbar) closed

Thu, 2015-01-29 11:36
Categories: Development

Ticket #11806 (deskbar replicant can kill deskbar) created

Thu, 2015-01-29 11:29

the volume replicant freezes the deskbar when overloading the media kit with a million videos.
disabling it keeps the deskbar running smoothly even the processor is pegged to 100% by mediaPlayer. There was some talk in 2014 on the haiku-ml about putting some kind of guard in place to stop runaway/crashed replicants freezing the deskbar. Filing a ticket for the issue in case somebody wants to take a look at the problem.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11803 (Flickering when resizing windows) closed

Thu, 2015-01-29 07:30
Categories: Development

Ticket #11805 (Resetting HaikuDepot user password) created

Wed, 2015-01-28 16:24

This is hrev48724.

When a user tries to log in with a wrong password (or a non-existing username), the text of the alert should instead appear in the log-in window. Together with a "To reset your password, go to ​" with the URL being clickable.

Maybe also add a status string "Logging in..." after the user clicked the "Log in" button, as that can take a few seconds.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11804 (HaikuDepot only shows vector icons) created

Wed, 2015-01-28 16:16

This is hrev48724.

Despite having their (bitmap) icons uploaded to the Haiku Depot Server, the HaikuDepot app doesn't display them, but shows the default hpkg icon. E.g. a_book or album.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11803 (Flickering when resizing windows) created

Wed, 2015-01-28 15:55

This is hrev48742.

When resizing a Tracker window horizontally, the right window side, that doesn't actually move, show a lot of flickering. Esp. the folder icon in the menubar and scroll bar. Maybe some non-optimal invalidation?

I have a video attached.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11556 (Web+ sticking on "requesting..." on certain domains in certain tabs) closed

Wed, 2015-01-28 13:18

WebKit 1.4.9 now available, this problem should be fixed in this update.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11802 (MediaPlayer settings not visible when always on top) created

Tue, 2015-01-27 23:08

Running hrev48733 gcc2_hybrid

This has been going on for a while, so I thought I would report it. When you select "Always on Top" in MediaPlayer so it's enabled, then click "Settings", the settings window isn't visible unless you disable always on top.

Categories: Development

Ticket #3889 ([Tracker] "Open with" window redraw issue) closed

Tue, 2015-01-27 22:18

Seems to be fixed now. Thanks!

Categories: Development

Ticket #4996 (HVIF tracker navigation icons/button) closed

Tue, 2015-01-27 21:37

Implemented in hrev48734 as Tracker now uses HVIF icons in the toolbar

Categories: Development