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Ticket #11337 (Crash in screensaver preferences) created

Mon, 2014-10-13 11:08

I'm not sure if this report debug is of the same nature as the others already reported earlier this year, but here it is, in case it's useful. I got an initial crash when I was viewing different display options, and once I got that, I was no longer able to open screensaver preferences without a crash.

Debug information for team /boot/system/preferences/ScreenSaver (1427):
CPU(s): 2x AMD A-Series
Memory: 3.20 GiB total, 303.50 MiB used
Haiku revision: hrev47998 Oct 11 2014 11:28:38 (BePC)

Active Threads:

thread 1427: ScreenSaver (main)
thread 1432: w>Password Window
thread 1433: w>ScreenSaver
thread 1435: team 1427 debug task
thread 1434: ScreenSaverRenderer

state: Exception (Segment violation)

Frame IP Function Name
0x70dbf8d8 0x448fbd9 texture_combine + 0x9


0x0448fbd0: 55 push %ebp
0x0448fbd1: 89e5 mov %esp, %ebp
0x0448fbd3: 81ec9c000500 sub $0x5009c, %esp
0x0448fbd9: 57 push %edi <--

Frame memory:

Unavailable (Bad address)

0x70dcf9c8 0x449172d _swrast_texture_span + 0x7a1
0x70dd3ca8 0x448b528 _swrast_write_rgba_span + 0x1274
0x70dd4aa8 0x44c4d67 general_triangle + 0x16ef
0x70dd4ad8 0x447daba _swrast_validate_triangle + 0x6a
0x70dd4b08 0x447d759 _swrast_Triangle + 0x31
0x70dd4bc8 0x44cdeea triangle_rgba + 0x9e
0x70dd4bf8 0x44d2621 quadfunc_rgba + 0x25
0x70dd4c48 0x442f4a1 _tnl_render_quads_verts + 0x105
0x70dd4c88 0x4430263 run_render + 0x13b
0x70dd4ce8 0x441db83 _tnl_run_pipeline + 0x173
0x70dd4dd8 0x441eaf8 _tnl_draw_prims + 0x26c
0x70dd4e18 0x441ec03 _tnl_vbo_draw_prims + 0x53
0x70dd4e78 0x44116ec vbo_exec_DrawArrays + 0xfc
0x70dd4ea8 0x43fd750 neutral_DrawArrays + 0x9c
0x70dd4f90 0x122a82a DrawSmoke_Scalar(flurry_info_t*, SmokeV*, float) + 0x536
0x70dd4ff0 0x1228f9c FlurryView::DrawFlurryScreenSaver() + 0x2b4
0x70dd5020 0x1229853 Flurry::Draw(BView*, int32) + 0x2f
0x70dd5070 0x1ade0f1 ScreenSaverRunner::_Run() + 0x1d9
0x70dd50a0 0x1ade176 ScreenSaverRunner::_ThreadFunc(void*) + 0x1a
0x70dd50c8 0x1830009 thread_entry + 0x21
00000000 0x60b5d250 commpage_thread_exit + 0


eip: 0x0448fbd9
esp: 0x70d6f83c
ebp: 0x70dbf8d8
eax: 0x18634770
ebx: 0x04609640
ecx: 0x186664d8
edx: 0x70dd4418
esi: 0x00000000
edi: 0x00000000

cs: 0x001b
ds: 0x0023
es: 0x0023
fs: 0x0063
gs: 0x0023
ss: 0x0023

Loaded Images:

ID Text Base Text End Data Base Data End Type Name
3590 0x00439000 0x00452000 0x00452000 0x00453000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3580 0x0045e000 0x00609000 0x00609000 0x00667000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3598 0x006b8000 0x006f9000 0x006f9000 0x006fd000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3596 0x00764000 0x007e7000 0x007e7000 0x007f5000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3591 0x00894000 0x00925000 0x00925000 0x00943000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3588 0x009bf000 0x009f7000 0x009f7000 0x00a2e000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3581 0x00a31000 0x00a61000 0x00a61000 0x00a6e000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3578 0x00aa3000 0x00abd000 0x00abd000 0x00ac4000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3575 0x00b64000 0x00b84000 0x00b84000 0x00b88000 lib /boot/system/runtime_loader
3600 0x00e1e000 0x00e2e000 0x00e2e000 0x00e31000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3589 0x01065000 0x011bc000 0x011bc000 0x011ed000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3595 0x01225000 0x0122d000 0x0122d000 0x0124f000 add-on /boot/system/add-ons/Screen Savers/Flurry
3585 0x0125f000 0x01268000 0x01268000 0x01269000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3584 0x014aa000 0x016fe000 0x016fe000 0x0175e000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3592 0x01792000 0x017a6000 0x017a6000 0x017aa000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3597 0x017c9000 0x017ee000 0x017ee000 0x017f3000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3582 0x017ff000 0x018cc000 0x018cc000 0x01917000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3587 0x019cd000 0x019d7000 0x019d7000 0x019db000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3586 0x01a2d000 0x01a7f000 0x01a7f000 0x01a8a000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3579 0x01ada000 0x01adf000 0x01adf000 0x01ae1000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3593 0x01b07000 0x01bfe000 0x01bfe000 0x01c01000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3577 0x01c0f000 0x01eb8000 0x01eb8000 0x01f44000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3576 0x01ffd000 0x02013000 0x02013000 0x02018000 app /boot/system/preferences/ScreenSaver
3583 0x02297000 0x03b02000 0x03b02000 0x03b0a000 lib /boot/system/lib/
3599 0x04303000 0x045fe000 0x045fe000 0x04627000 add-on /boot/system/add-ons/opengl/Legacy Software Rasterizer
3574 0x60b5d000 0x60b65000 0x00000000 0x00000000 system commpage


ID Base End Size (KiB) Protection Locking Name
21865 0x0010a000 0x0011a000 64 rw- full rld heap
21866 0x002c5000 0x002d5000 64 rw- full rld heap
21864 0x00322000 0x0032a000 32 rw- full rld heap
21819 0x003fc000 0x003fd000 4 rw-S full _rld_debug_
21855 0x00439000 0x00452000 100 r-x full
21856 0x00452000 0x00453000 4 rw- full
21829 0x0045e000 0x00609000 1708 r-x full libtracker.so_seg0ro
21830 0x00609000 0x00665000 368 rw- full libtracker.so_seg1rw
21831 0x00665000 0x00667000 8 rw- full libtracker.so_seg2rw
21818 0x00684000 0x00694000 64 rw- full rld heap
21893 0x006b8000 0x006f9000 260 r-x full libnetwork.so_seg0ro
21894 0x006f9000 0x006fc000 12 rw- full libnetwork.so_seg1rw
21895 0x006fc000 0x006fd000 4 rw- full libnetwork.so_seg2rw
21888 0x00764000 0x007e7000 524 r-x full
21889 0x007e7000 0x007f5000 56 rw- full
21857 0x00894000 0x00925000 580 r-x full libmedia.so_seg0ro
21858 0x00925000 0x00942000 116 rw- full libmedia.so_seg1rw
21859 0x00942000 0x00943000 4 rw- full libmedia.so_seg2rw
21849 0x009bf000 0x009f7000 224 r-x full
21850 0x009f7000 0x009fc000 20 rw- full
21851 0x009fc000 0x00a2e000 200 rw- full
21832 0x00a31000 0x00a61000 192 r-x full libstdc++.hrev4.so_seg0ro
21833 0x00a61000 0x00a6c000 44 rw- full libstdc++.hrev4.so_seg1rw
21834 0x00a6c000 0x00a6e000 8 rw- full libstdc++.hrev4.so_seg2rw
21825 0x00aa3000 0x00abd000 104 r-x full libgame.so_seg0ro
21826 0x00abd000 0x00ac4000 28 rw- full libgame.so_seg1rw
21815 0x00b64000 0x00b84000 128 r-x full runtime_loader_seg0ro
21816 0x00b84000 0x00b86000 8 rw- full runtime_loader_seg1rw
21817 0x00b86000 0x00b88000 8 rw- full runtime_loader_bss1
21899 0x00e1e000 0x00e2e000 64 r-x full libroot-addon-icu.so_seg0ro
21900 0x00e2e000 0x00e31000 12 rw- full libroot-addon-icu.so_seg1rw
21852 0x01065000 0x011bc000 1372 r-x full
21853 0x011bc000 0x011eb000 188 rw- full
21854 0x011eb000 0x011ed000 8 rw- full
21885 0x01225000 0x0122d000 32 r-x full Flurry_seg0ro
21886 0x0122d000 0x0122e000 4 rw- full Flurry_seg1rw
21887 0x0122e000 0x0124f000 132 rw- full Flurry_seg2rw
21843 0x0125f000 0x01268000 36 r-x full
21844 0x01268000 0x01269000 4 rw- full
21840 0x014aa000 0x016fe000 2384 r-x full
21841 0x016fe000 0x0175d000 380 rw- full
21842 0x0175d000 0x0175e000 4 rw- full
21860 0x01792000 0x017a6000 80 r-x full libtranslation.so_seg0ro
21861 0x017a6000 0x017aa000 16 rw- full libtranslation.so_seg1rw
21890 0x017c9000 0x017ee000 148 r-x full libGL.so_seg0ro
21891 0x017ee000 0x017f2000 16 rw- full libGL.so_seg1rw
21892 0x017f2000 0x017f3000 4 rw- full libGL.so_seg2rw
21835 0x017ff000 0x018cc000 820 r-x full libroot.so_seg0ro
21836 0x018cc000 0x018df000 76 rw- full libroot.so_seg1rw
21837 0x018df000 0x01917000 224 rw- full libroot.so_seg2rw
21847 0x019cd000 0x019d7000 40 r-x full
21848 0x019d7000 0x019db000 16 rw- full
21845 0x01a2d000 0x01a7f000 328 r-x full
21846 0x01a7f000 0x01a8a000 44 rw- full
21827 0x01ada000 0x01adf000 20 r-x full libscreensaver.so_seg0ro
21828 0x01adf000 0x01ae1000 8 rw- full libscreensaver.so_seg1rw
21862 0x01b07000 0x01bfe000 988 r-x full libtextencoding.so_seg0ro
21863 0x01bfe000 0x01c01000 12 rw- full libtextencoding.so_seg1rw
21822 0x01c0f000 0x01eb8000 2724 r-x full libbe.so_seg0ro
21823 0x01eb8000 0x01f43000 556 rw- full libbe.so_seg1rw
21824 0x01f43000 0x01f44000 4 rw- full libbe.so_seg2rw
21820 0x01ffd000 0x02013000 88 r-x full ScreenSaver_seg0ro
21821 0x02013000 0x02018000 20 rw- full ScreenSaver_seg1rw
21838 0x02297000 0x03b02000 25004 r-x full
21839 0x03b02000 0x03b0a000 32 rw- full
21896 0x04303000 0x045fe000 3052 r-x full Legacy Software Rasterizer_seg0
21897 0x045fe000 0x04617000 100 rw- full Legacy Software Rasterizer_seg1
21898 0x04617000 0x04627000 64 rw- full Legacy Software Rasterizer_seg2
21903 0x04dbc000 0x057bc000 10240 rwx full mmap area
21867 0x18510000 0x19000000 11200 rw- full heap
21811 0x60607000 0x6060b000 16 rw- full user area
21814 0x60b5d000 0x60b65000 32 r-xSk full commpage
21874 0x60b65000 0x60b66000 4 rw-S full server_memory
21876 0x68b65000 0x68b85000 128 rw-S full server_memory
21902 0x70d92000 0x70dd7000 276 rw-s full ScreenSaverRenderer_1434_stack
21882 0x71287000 0x712cc000 276 rw-s full w>Password Window_1432_stack
21813 0x7140d000 0x7240e000 16388 rw-s full ScreenSaver_1427_stack
21884 0x728ac000 0x728f1000 276 rw-s full w>ScreenSaver_1433_stack

Protection Flags: r - read, w - write, x - execute, s - stack, o - overcommit, c - cloneable, S - shared, k - kernel


ID Count Last Holder Name
120219 0 0 BMessageQueue Lock
120221 0 0 Password Window
120327 0 0 info locker
120329 0 0 BGLView draw lock
120330 0 0 BGLView display lock
123794 0 0 some BBlockCache lock
123795 0 0 Catalog
123796 0 0 some BLocker
123798 0 0 token space
123799 0 0 BLooperList lock
123800 0 1427 AppServerLink_sLock
123801 0 0 some BLocker
123802 0 0 some BLocker
123803 0 0 media plugin manager
123804 0 0 shared buffer list
123805 0 0 LocaleRosterData
123806 0 0 add-on manager
123807 0 0 media theme lock
123808 0 0 some BLocker
123809 0 0 port pool
123810 0 0 Catalog
123811 0 0 Catalog
123812 0 0 PeriodicUpdatePoses
123813 0 0 GameSound device lock
123814 0 0 Light Lock
123815 0 0 undo
123816 0 0 some BLocker
123817 0 0 Light Lock
123818 0 0 Catalog
123819 0 0 BMessageQueue Lock
123820 0 0 AppLooperPort
123821 0 0 some BLocker
123832 0 0 screen list
123834 0 0 width buffer
123835 0 0 BMessageQueue Lock
123836 -1 0 ScreenSaver
123837 0 0 clipboard

Categories: Development

Ticket #11336 (Error trying to install openjdk package) closed

Mon, 2014-10-13 00:19

Duplicate of #10993.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11336 (Error trying to install openjdk package) created

Mon, 2014-10-13 00:15

I get the following error in HaikuDepot, when try to install OpenJDK package:

Fatal error occurred while installing package openjdk_x86: failed to find a match por "openjdk_x86" ()

I get the error in a fresh install of x86_gcc2 hrev47999

Categories: Development

Ticket #5906 (BDragger drawing problems) closed

Sun, 2014-10-12 15:16
Categories: Development

Ticket #11335 (Replicant dragger redrawing issue) closed

Sun, 2014-10-12 08:19
Categories: Development

Ticket #11335 (Replicant dragger redrawing issue) created

Sun, 2014-10-12 07:55

This is hrev47988.

The area around a Replicant dragger shows redrawing issues when resizing the containing view or redrawing after waving another window in front of it. I attach a BeScreenCapture with a Magnify window showing the details and a screenshot.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11334 (ERROR: no write permission on /boot/home/config/bin/youtube-dl) closed

Sun, 2014-10-12 07:02

This is a matter to address to the HaikuPorts mailing list. Back when the youtube-dl recipe was first developed I chose to break the update feature. After discussing solutions (see ​HaikuPorts thread I agreed with Ingo and/or Axel that this would open a security issue. I figured that updating the whole package from time to time should suffice.

Marking the ticket as invalid, as it's not Haiku's fault in any case.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11334 (ERROR: no write permission on /boot/home/config/bin/youtube-dl) created

Sat, 2014-10-11 22:22

I was attempting to update youtube-dl script (~> youtube-dl --update); is necessary to maintain up-to-date this script. Unfortunately, since this script on Haiku, lives inside /boot/home/config/bin and needs - to be updated - the write access on the disk, i get the following error:
"ERROR: no write permission on /boot/home/config/bin/youtube-dl".
A workaround is to copy this script inside /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin.

I have modified the hpkg for youtube-dl (using a post-install script) to achieve this workaround during the installation of the hpkg. The following is the content of the post-install script of the youtube_dl-2014.06.19-2.hpkg:

cp /boot/home/config/bin/youtube-dl /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin
chmod +w /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin/youtube-dl

Note: it needs chmod because, since youtube-dl lives inside a non writable directory, is copied without the write access attribute.


Categories: Development

Ticket #10973 (WebPositive ignores Proxy settings) reopened

Fri, 2014-10-10 18:11

Wait, what?
Half the feature is still missing. You can't proxy to HTTPS right now (this needs either a "bypass proxy" mode or SOCKS support).

I can close my tickets myself when I'm done, thanks.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10973 (WebPositive ignores Proxy settings) closed

Fri, 2014-10-10 17:52

No response, and the "next version" of WebKit was deployed in hrev47920. Closing as fixed.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10675 (Rework the "Show" category list) closed

Fri, 2014-10-10 17:47

The installed/available functionality has been implemented and turned into checkboxes.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11034 (Applications not showing up in Deskbar Menu) closed

Fri, 2014-10-10 17:42

This is due to running a system upgrade first on a pre-HPKG_COMPRESSION_NONE system as described in #10959. If it occurs in some other case, please reopen. Otherwise, closing as a duplicate.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11333 (PowerStatus' text lable draws over clock in Deskbar) created

Fri, 2014-10-10 17:08

This is hrev47899.

When showing the icon and the text label with the remaining time in the Deskbar, the text label draws over the clock.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11332 (PowerStatus: no text label while discharging) created

Fri, 2014-10-10 17:06

This is hrev47988.

PowerStatus shows the text label with the remaining time of the battery only when it's charging. When discharging, it'd be of more interest... :)

Categories: Development

Ticket #11331 (Discovering Natures Wonder Food And Utrim Garcinia) created

Fri, 2014-10-10 05:38

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Ticket #11306 ("package add" no longer works) closed

Thu, 2014-10-09 21:51

Fixed in hrev47990. As per the suggestion above, _UnwriteLastPartialChunk() now uses ReadAndDecompressChunkData() directly. As it already has all the needed information, this was a really simple fix.

I also tested my hypothesis that this bug would always corrupt the last partial chunk of a package on update, which was indeed the case. Since the package created in the provided test case only consisted of a single chunk, it made the error more obvious. In other use cases the corruption would probably have gone unnoticed more easily.

Thanks to ttcoder for the nice test case and Ingo for the heads up on the elegant solution.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11330 ([pkgman] can't update to current revision) closed

Thu, 2014-10-09 21:01

Yeah, likely a dupe then, closing as such. Thanks for the heads up!

Categories: Development