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Ticket #11974 (Moho 2.5 dont render animations) created

Wed, 2015-04-15 09:06

Moho 2.5 dont render animations.
Maybe a software problem... maybe not!

Will add screenshoots...
And the bug report...

Please check..

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Ticket #11973 (Enable checkhash in bash) created

Wed, 2015-04-15 07:13
If this is set, Bash checks that a command found in the hash table exists before trying to execute it. If a hashed command no longer exists, a normal path search is performed.

This could avoid some issues when uninstalling non-packaged or home/config version of a package, in that case bash sometimes fails to see that the command is now available in /system.

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Ticket #11972 (support UAS (USB Attached SCSI)) created

Wed, 2015-04-15 07:05

This was introduced with USB3 and is an alternative to the traditional and quirky USB Mass Storage. It allows better performance as SCSI commands can be queued and executed out of order by the device.


Support is available in Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.8, and Linux (not sure which version). UAS can be implemented over USB 2.0 as well.

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Ticket #11971 (Crash during libtracker global initialization) created

Tue, 2015-04-14 23:53

Booted up hrev49036 x86_gcc2 and debugger activated as soon as the Desktop appeared. Could not save reports, and killing the debugger would activate another. Tried to reboot and was greeted with a string of debugger calls...print server, media server etc.

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Ticket #11970 (scsi_raw driver needs updates to the new device manager API.) created

Tue, 2015-04-14 20:08

This driver currently does not build. It would be needed for generic exploration of SCSI busses (not limited to mass storage).

libscg is one library that would make use of it (they already have the needed code from when scsi_raw was part of the image, or possibly from beos days). It is needed for clean porting of cdrecord (right now it uses hacks to identify the available drives).

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Ticket #11257 (CDRecord broken) closed

Tue, 2015-04-14 18:17
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Ticket #11969 (Package build system versions need improved) closed

Tue, 2015-04-14 15:07

On the versionning scheme for Haiku: more details in #10289.

So basically the release will have a version of R1~alpha5.0 or R1~beta1.0 (no hrev info). Anything built for a specific nightly will be R1~alpha5.0~hrev44444, which is greater than the release version number in our versionning scheme.

The package manager needs no change. All packages for a release need to be built while running that release, or an older nightly (which would have a version lile R1~alpha4_pm~hrev33333) so it is installable on alpha5.

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Ticket #11969 (Package build system versions need improved) created

Tue, 2015-04-14 14:09

Haiku needs to define how package release repositories work. At the moment the ever-increasing hrev tag defines a functional package ecosystem. (This package was built on hrev32452 and should work on any os release newer than hrev32451) These hrev numbers are modified for releases via alpha1~hrev32452. (more details needed)

The package manager needs to sort the release prefix properly

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Ticket #11968 (ShowImage: sometimes is slow to open the requested image.) created

Tue, 2015-04-14 10:57

Sometimes the preloaded images are loaded before the requested one.

How to reproduce this (In a single or dual core machine):

  • put in a folder a small image and a very big one.
  • open the small one.
  • ShowImage took a very long time to open (time to load the big image + the small one)

This happen when the loading thread is scheduled after the insertion of the preloaded images in the queue

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Ticket #11565 ([Network] preflet doesn't save DNS settings) reopened

Tue, 2015-04-14 07:25

I didn't make any changes in this regard. When you use DHCP, the net_server will overwrite your settings again; this whole thing is a bit messy right now, and will need a bit more love to be really usable.

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Ticket #11967 (5 Things You Need to Know If Your Flight Gets Cancelled) created

Tue, 2015-04-14 04:22

In this article you can obtain correct tutorial for pursuing producing circumstance law in the European Court of Justice; Germany’s Court docket has handed down a novel ruling on traveler rights to payment for delayed flights. After two decades of lawful battle of British Airways, easy Jet and TUI Travel, on the one hand, and Lufthansa, in a very parallel scenario to overturn the european legislation supplying compensation for Flugverspätung, the ecu Court docket of Justice (ECJ) has confirmed endpoint legislation, in the ruling that opened the floodgates to 1000s of lawsuits that were on hold for a long time. Now the three operators and the entire airline marketplace might be pressured to pay their passengers million. The ruling in the Courtroom of honesty, that is the best ranking inside the European Union (EU), confirms that passengers are entitled to payment of up to 600 Euros (480 kilos). Passengers can declare back again shell out 600 €, for the reason that court docket rejected the request to create it productive for statements arising in the judgment. Passengers can assert back again pay 600 €, considering that the courtroom rejected the request to make it helpful for statements arising from your judgment. The courtroom has dismissed restrict enforcement to claims for delays caused by the decision as asked for because of the providers, which implies that travellers can claim retroactive compensation. This features wildcat strikes and poor weather conditions, so no delays as a result of mechanical challenges. Legal Compensation in Germany for Flugverspätung facts is currently out there in ​

The two airlines and tour operator, supported because of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), experienced argued the Civil Aviation Authority erred by requiring them to pay passengers on flights delayed the exact same payment to passengers whose flights were canceled. The AAC briefly suspended the choice and referred the matter to your Higher Courtroom ordered an ECJ. Within the situation adopted in Germany, a loved ones claiming to Lufthansa for just a hold off of 24 hours for a flight from Lagos, Nigeria, and Frankfurt, in 2008 on account of complex challenges. The German courtroom also suspended the case till 2009, executing the identical query towards the optimum court in Luxembourg. In the event of € 600 compensation to travellers for delays of 3 hours or more you may adhere to down below instruction. The ECJ has dominated that passengers on canceled flights are entitled to payment in the event the loss of time is equivalent to or better than a few several hours, travellers on delayed flights can invoke this ideal when their flight is delayed cause them the exact same loss time. The Court docket also concluded which the obligation to compensate travellers for extended delays was suitable with the Montreal Convention as well as principle of lawful certainty in line with which passengers and airlines will have to know exactly the extent of their respective rights and obligations. Last but not least, it absolutely was made the decision that the compensation delivered because of the EU was not extreme, since it only applies to extensive delays and airlines would not have to pay for delays caused by matters further than its manage. A high stage of security against repealing three attempts to guarantee consumers of air transport, concrete more and more regular incidents in air transportation denied boarding, cancellation and hold off. Legal Compensation in Germany for Flugverspätung evaluation is quite valuable for yourself if you can be a regular passenger.

Regulation (EEC) No 295/91 with the Council of four February 1991, and founded a procedure of primary security for travellers in scheduled air transport EDL1991 / 12824 for denied boarding, which had proved insufficient, staying very improved the amount of travellers who were being denied boarding from their will, like that of all those affected by cancellations with out prior warning which influenced by long delays. With Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 EDL2004 / 5158 we have tried to fortify widespread minimum requirements of security so as to strengthen the rights of travellers in both normal and non-scheduled air transport, which include individuals that are part of bundle holidays and on the exact time making certain that air carriers to acquire their things to do below harmonized circumstances in a liberalized sector. Hold off: Exclusive obligation of compensation for anyone during which a lack of time equivalent to or higher than a few hrs in relation for the time originally scheduled arrival provides. It's got Compatibility along with the provisions of the Montreal Convention. Now understand about Disclaimer because of the provider if it proves which the delay was a result of remarkable instances. So listed here we all know briefly about Legal Compensation in Germany for Flugverspätung. It ought to be famous which the proper to reward would not exclude the opportunity of applying the next payment to the complete restrict of four,a hundred and fifty SDRs (close to 4645.sixty three Euros), when the passenger considered to have experienced as being a final result of hold off damages, together with ethical, to the upper degree at which you'll be able to get beneath the Regulation, as we have now observed amongst 250 and 600 Euros depending about the length traveled, and so provides the art alone. twelve of Regulation EDL2004 / 5158 when it states that it applies devoid of prejudice to a passenger's rights to more payment, although the payment paid pursuant to Regulation be deducted from the overall volume of damages endured. It may well be viewed as remarkable instances, if you want to relieve the carrier from the clearing obligation, the technical issues encountered within an plane which leads to the cancellation of a flight, which might also implement towards the delay, unless this trouble stems on or after situations which, by their mother nature or origin, aren't inherent in effective control of that provider. So in this article we all know what can i do if Flugverspätung inside our journey.

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Ticket #6766 (Remember save location) closed

Mon, 2015-04-13 20:12

Fixed in hrev49036.

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Ticket #6188 ([media_addon_server] crashes in BBuffer::SetHeader ()) closed

Mon, 2015-04-13 20:04

Patches applied in hrev49035.

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Ticket #11934 ([PATCH] Solve memory leaks in Deskbar and some replicants.) closed

Mon, 2015-04-13 17:15

Applied in hrev49033.

Reminder for next time: git commit messages in your patches should have the first line <70 characters, a blank line, then additional details as needed. Your patches have everything on a single line instead.

Thanks for working on this!

Categories: Development

Ticket #10470 ([HaikuDepot] can't uninstall packages with deps) closed

Mon, 2015-04-13 10:06

Seems to work fine now.

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Ticket #11965 (Buy online Treppenlifte for old people in Germany) created

Mon, 2015-04-13 03:08

The elevator electrical stairs can be a particular Treppenlifte that allows a senior citizen, senior or disabled see disabled accessibility for the ground harmless to get a value, reasonable price tag. The prevailing unit for year’s producers has tailored the method for all sorts of interior stairs like exterior. Only one or double rail to the routine maintenance from the siege it attaches straight to the steps. To reduce bulk the seat can fold and in some cases swivel to facilitate your enter and or output. In a single day you can see up your device at your house. Not indicate a child's perform. Your Treppenlifte is custom-made on the manufacturing facility to specific measurements with the area of installation. Should you are seeking for Treppenlifte in Germany you then should really take a look at ​ To stay in your house when you become older or when a single is dependent on the disability is just not quick. Complex style and design methods exist. Amid them, energy up stairs which will make obtainable floors of the household with the disabled and or elderly. Equip their residence with electrical stair rises allows people to obtain various levels of its housing and continue to take pleasure in the residing place of the home. There are two styles of electric stair climbs. The 1st is mounted on a straight keep track of as well as other on two rails (to be used on the spiral staircase). Only for the person to sit down, to maneuver the seat belt which will hold the seat of your stair raise, after which you can push the button to the distant to go up or down one or maybe more levels. Unused, the Treppenlifte has folding rails that make it possible for free of charge entry on the gates. Brands have considered all the things in the progress of these electric powered stair climbs. These is often customized to blend leisure as in a natural way as is possible inside the decor of one's house. Dwelling aid exists and may be applied with suggests partially funded by state organizations.

A stair carry is an effective solution to permit an aged or dependent man or woman to continue living in your home where by all his reminiscences are collected. This entry was posted in Property Care, Technological know-how by admin and tagged automation, maintaining a house Treppenlifte. Set it Bookmark the permalink. Your e mail deal with won't be printed. Demanded fields are marked. Every yr, Treppenlifte are offered in France. A figure up but nonetheless low compared to that of countries in Northern Europe along with the United kingdom, the place from forty to sixty,000 gadgets are set up every single calendar year. Nevertheless, the rising drive of more mature men and women to reside at your home so long as probable to these devices promises solid advancement while in the French market. Realistic alternative for people who have mobility issues but still keep on being valid, the usage of a stair raise can existing risks of jamming or finger clothes in moving areas or even drop. Gained two really serious incidents, a single deadly, and previously installed gadgets to malfunction, the issued an viewpoint to the security of such products and solutions on April 18. Ergonomics, dependability of regulate programs, behavior of transferring components this kind of as armrests or footrest, warnings over the machine ... every little thing has been scrutinized. Risk assessment has highlighted specialized failures and factors of non-compliance. By way of example, the unit's handheld remote control can be employed wrongly by others without direct perspective of the stairs, which could cause the collapse from the human being striving to settle. Treppenlifte in Germany is one of the very best inventions to aid disable people.

Given these benefits along with the analysis from the polices, the SCC suggests strengthening protection introduced by Treppenlifte s and reviewing the european conventional for this kind of tools. The chair must manage to move the moment armrests and footrests lowered and also the seat belt fixed. That is sadly not the case on most gadgets. Software experts will affix the CE marking and not challenge the EC declaration of conformity following the set up of household stair raise, not the manufacturing unit. It invitations installers to systematically have out an indication of your operation of your device through its commissioning and also to reveal the treatments being followed just in case of failure. To ensure, prior to the purchase, the flexibility with the installer enterprise to reply rapidly in the event of failure. Customers have to guarantee correctly safe the restraint program when relocating and offering a cordless cellphone to notify a 3rd if important. A different idea: make certain the device contains a usable access if your unit crashing with its lowered rail, it might block the doorway. Way too frequently, the installation of a stair raise is planned although the individual is already encountering considerable mobility difficulties. Just before getting, it truly is best to make certain no other remedy is achievable, such as the building of a room over the ground flooring on the household. In this article we know we fork out money for Treppenlifte in Germany for old individuals. It's definitely quite valuable for disable people and if you wish product evaluation of those devices then you definitely need to simply click here.

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Ticket #11565 ([Network] preflet doesn't save DNS settings) closed

Sun, 2015-04-12 21:57

Seems to work now. Closing.

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Ticket #11544 ([app_server] crashes after selecting PNGTranslator in Butterfly) closed

Sun, 2015-04-12 20:36

Can't reproduce anymore. I wonder when it was fixed though.

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Ticket #11964 (WPA_Supplicant: Closing configuration window crashes wpa_supplicant) created

Sun, 2015-04-12 17:20

Clicking on the close button of the wpa_supplicant configuration window causes it to crash.
Attaching debug report.

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Ticket #11963 (ipro1000 wapper recognizes fewer PCI IDs than are supported) created

Sun, 2015-04-12 04:02

The ipro1000 driver wrapper driver.c only recgonizes a small subset of the PCI IDs that are listed as supported by the underlying FreeBSD driver (the list in e1000_hw.h ) and also doesn't provide an "escape hatch" based on a setting in the driver config file.

It'd be good if the ipro1000 driver could provide an escape hatch mechanism via its config file, so testing the driver with a new card didn't require rebuilding it. It'd also be great if it listed support for all of the devices in e1000_hw.h of course.

(My ulterior motive here is to get networking up & running on my Asus Z97-PRO, which has an Intel I218-V, which should be supported by this driver.)

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