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Ticket #12063 (Makefile-engine Documentation missing HTML Tags) created

Tue, 2015-05-12 16:29

The documentation for makefile-engine opens in a text editor, not the web browser, because it is missing the HTML document level tags.

The file is haiku/docs/makefile-engine.html I'll append a patch shortly.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12062 (glib.h needs editing - wrong paths included) created

Tue, 2015-05-12 14:21

The header file at /system/develop/headers/glib-2.0/glib.h contains inclusions which cannot be found by default. Paths inside refer to <glib/*.h> when they should refer to <glib-2.0/*.h>

Categories: Development

Ticket #12061 (Let the position of packages and config files customizeable) closed

Tue, 2015-05-12 12:49

We repeatedly asked people complaining about this to provide examples of software that can't be installed anymore. There was 1 single bug report as a result of our repeated requests, and we helped fix the affected software (it was yab).

I should also add that BeOS software would be hardcoded to use /boot/beos, not /boot/system, so whatever happens in /boot/system will not change anything. This means we already are out of the way of "old hardcoded software". Please reopen this bug only if you have software that is broken because of this problem (rumors that "other people said..." won't work, sorry).

Categories: Development

Ticket #12061 (Let the position of packages and config files customizeable) created

Mon, 2015-05-11 23:18

I think it is a good idea to let users to choose where to install their packages and config files besides the default directory. This method could solve the problems of some hard coded old softwares, and give users the right to make choice.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12060 (Turning off/on screen causes severe USB stall problems) created

Mon, 2015-05-11 21:49

If I turn off my monitor and turn it on again, my USB devices such as keyboard & mouse end up suffering from severe USB stall problems.

Categories: Development

Ticket #9240 (With font size 18 the Debugger shot shows cut-off text in the menu and in ...) reopened

Sun, 2015-05-10 21:52

Doesn't work with font size greater than 20.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12054 (debug builds broken since hrev49140) closed

Sun, 2015-05-10 16:32

Fixed in hrev49160.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12059 (Drawing issues for rounded rects (in Playgrounds demo)) created

Sun, 2015-05-10 07:30

This is hrev49149.

I don't know if it's specific to the Playground test app, or a general problem when drawing rounded rects. See the attached capture, rects are OK, rounded ones aren't.

FIling under "Applications" (there's no "Playground"), feel free to re-categorize if it turns out to be system wide (app_server?).

Categories: Development

Ticket #12033 (Icon-o-Matic crashes on style change) closed

Sat, 2015-05-09 19:42

Fixed in hrev49158.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12058 ([print_addon_server] crash on close windows out of order) created

Sat, 2015-05-09 15:37

With PDF writer:

1) Select "Printer..." from an app menu.
2) In "Print Setup" press "Paper setup" button.
3) Open "Fonts..." or "Advanced..."
4) Close the "page setup" window with Fonts or Advanced open

There is a crash.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12057 (Webpositive crash after update) created

Sat, 2015-05-09 03:31

Update from hrev49135 x86_64 to hrev49155 x86_64.
Webpositve now crashes every time.
Debug report attached.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11482 (pthreads: possible race condition leading to deadlock) closed

Fri, 2015-05-08 10:06

Applied by hamishm in hrev49149.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12056 (Troubles building Qemu under Haiku) closed

Thu, 2015-05-07 08:55

Problems with building third-party software aren't tracked here. Please use the HaikuPorts bug tracker or ask on the HaikuPorts development mailing list.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12056 (Troubles building Qemu under Haiku) created

Thu, 2015-05-07 08:50

Preamble: Downloaded the master files from ​ and installed glib2-x86 & glib2-x86-devel from HaikuDepot. Confirmed that they are installed in system/lib/x86 and used 'setarch x86' before attempting anything.

Problem: Message when trying to do a ./configure is:

ERROR: glib-2.12 gthread-2.0 is required to compile QEMU

Is this looking for a specific version of glib, or is something else wrong here?

mmlr? Anyone?

Categories: Development

Ticket #12042 (zip and unzip do not handle symbolic links correctly) closed

Wed, 2015-05-06 17:25
  1. The symptom of the problem with zip is normal. That's the standard behaviour of zip without the option -y.
  2. The unzip problem should be fixed in hrev49146.
Categories: Development