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Ticket #10744 (builds broken since 47106) closed

Fri, 2014-04-11 13:46

Hopefully fixed in hrev47109. I can at least say that the build wasn't broken here when building "haiku-image" or "scsi_periph"... No clue yet.

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Ticket #10743 ([package_daemon] eats 100% cpu) created

Fri, 2014-04-11 08:39

hrev47099 x86_gcc2

Sometimes while building packages using haikuporter job runner thread of pacake_daemon starts to consume a lot of cpu without ever stopping.

I debugged the thread in question and it looks like it stucks comparing something in BString::eq

Restarting package_daemin makes this problem go away.

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Ticket #10740 ([Sounds] crashes in BColumn::MinWidth(BColumn)) closed

Thu, 2014-04-10 00:03

Indeed. Thanks!

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Ticket #10742 (Websites vulnerable to heartbleed) reopened

Wed, 2014-04-09 14:02

Thanks Urias, but I'm afraid that's only half of the story. We also need to update our certificates, as they may have been compromised.

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Ticket #10742 (Websites vulnerable to heartbleed) closed

Tue, 2014-04-08 23:01

Updated vmweb, vmdev, vmrepo, and baron - you can verify with:

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Ticket #10742 (Websites vulnerable to heartbleed) created

Tue, 2014-04-08 21:54

FYI, I noticed that and are both vulnerable to the HeartBleed vulnerability.
It can be tested with: ​

More info on openssl vulnerability: ​

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Ticket #10741 (Zip and Rar) created

Tue, 2014-04-08 17:35

Is it possible to make zip and rar running like window and linux?

  • Running programs out of a zip/rar file
  • Storing Date in a exisiting zip/rar file
  • Set a password to a zip/rar file
  • Open a zip/rar file with password

Greetings Lelldorin

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Ticket #10719 (Sub pages on render as a dark grey screen) reopened

Tue, 2014-04-08 15:39

as of hrev47102, the issue has returned.

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Ticket #10710 ( - clipping bug (needs account)) reopened

Tue, 2014-04-08 14:23

With hrev47102, the clipping issue is back.

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Ticket #10740 ([Sounds] crashes in BColumn::MinWidth(BColumn)) created

Tue, 2014-04-08 07:07

This is hrev47102.

Opening Sounds (or any other app which uses BColumnListView) and middle clicking column separator crashes the app.

state: Exception (Segment violation)
Frame		IP			Function Name
0x795c30d0	0x9494be	BColumn::MinWidth(BColumn) + 0x6
		0x009494b8:               55  push %ebp
		0x009494b9:             89e5  mov %esp, %ebp
		0x009494bb:           8b4508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %eax
		0x009494be:           d94004  fld 0x4(%eax) <--
	Frame memory:
		[0x795c30c8]  .1\yQ...   a8 31 5c 79 51 e2 94 00
0x795c31b0	0x94e24c	BPrivate::TitleView::ResizeSelectedColumn(BPoint, bool) + 0x28
0x795c3260	0x9500a2	BPrivate::TitleView::MouseDown(BPoint) + 0x55a
0x795c3460	0x7d1bfd	BWindow::DispatchMessage(BMessage*, BHandler*) + 0xf49
0x795c3490	0x947cb4	HWindow::DispatchMessage(BMessage*, BHandler*) + 0x38
0x795c34f0	0x7d6a4a	BWindow::task_looper() + 0x28e
0x795c3520	0x6f36bd	BLooper::_task0_(void*) + 0x3d
0x795c3548	0x1afc621	thread_entry + 0x21
00000000	0x604cc250	commpage_thread_exit + 0
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Ticket #9862 ([KeymapSwitcher] Available keymaps list is reversed) closed

Mon, 2014-04-07 08:37

Keymap sorting is fixed in hrev46353
KeymapSwitcher is fixed in ​1a52683/hrev46834

Closing as fixed.

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Ticket #10739 (Change user app install directory in Haiku Depot) created

Mon, 2014-04-07 05:34

Currently Haiku Depot installs user installed apps to '/boot/system/packages'. Before Package Management was merged, the user could install Haiku over the previous install and only the 'System' directory was a fresh install. Now that all the apps are installed to '/boot/system/packages', user installed apps get wiped when Haiku is re-installed!

There is a need for a separation between the system packages and the user installed packages! I propose that all user installed apps be installed to '/boot/home/config/packages' and virtually extracted to '/boot/home/apps'. Then Haiku Depot could create symlinks of the installed apps to /boot/system/apps.

If Linux or BSD's distos do not have user apps installed to '/bin', or '/sbin' for good reasons, then why would Haiku (which is a single user OS by the way) install apps into the system directory? Never mind the extra work that the user now must go through to reinstall their apps (which can take a long time on slow dsl or dial-up): another concern that I have is potential flaws and bugs in PM and Haiku Depot that can pose great risk to the integrity and security of the system!


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