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Ticket #10702 (GChat logging me out) created

Thu, 2014-03-20 18:23

This is running v 1.2.5 on nightly rev 47032. Though I'm still online and can browse to sites in other tabs, gmail keeps disconnecting me from gchat. After a bit, it logs me back in.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10701 (WebPositive crash) created

Thu, 2014-03-20 18:13

While I had Gmail and open, without (at the time) any interaction from me, Web+ crashed. I'll attach the report.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10699 (rename source directory to "haikudepot") created

Wed, 2014-03-19 23:21

In the source tree, HaikuDepot lives in "src/apps/haiku-depot". The only other application that has a hyphen in its source tree directory name is icon-o-matic. Unlike HaikuDepot, Icon-O-Matic utilizes hyphens in its application name.

HaikuDepot's source directory should be renamed to "haikudepot"

Categories: Development

Ticket #10698 (There should be the possibility of a x86_64 + x86_gcc2 hybrid) created

Wed, 2014-03-19 21:26

This would be useful for running older ABI code on x86_64, and improves compatibility for other stuff

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Ticket #10688 (Configure script fails while building bootstrap to build ARM image because ...) closed

Wed, 2014-03-19 09:44

Applied in btrev43076. Thanks!

(don't forget to link to this ticket in your GSoC application).

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Ticket #10697 (Dropping new file while already playing crashes MediaPlayer) created

Wed, 2014-03-19 03:12

hrev47020. Tried it with two large movie files which both play fine. "A then B" crashes as does "B then A".

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Ticket #9718 (KERN: More than 99% interrupts of vector 16 are unhandled) closed

Tue, 2014-03-18 21:03

Should be fixed in hrev47032. Please reopen if needed.

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Ticket #10696 (Pe does not launch) created

Tue, 2014-03-18 20:47

This worked OK on hrev46992, but on hrev47020, launching Pe from the Deskbar menu or from Terminal does not work (nothing appears to happen.) In Terminal it says:

~> /boot/system/apps/Pe/Pe

This was similar to behaviour I was having opening a file with StyledEdit, but this is just trying to open Pe without a file.

Attached is a debug report when I killed the team, which was not using any CPU. A subsequent launch attempt worked fine.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10695 (Tracker copying large files to FAT32 USB stick slows and then fails, but ...) created

Tue, 2014-03-18 19:41

I've had this happen just now on an 8 GB Silicon Power USB stick under both Alpha 4.1 and hrev47020. I go to copy multiple files to the stick from a BeFS volume via drag and drop. The first file appears and some MB (210, then 75, then 150 in my three attempts on hrev47020) copy at about 20 MiB/s, and then suddenly the copying stops, and only goes in 3-MB spurts after that. For larger files (~1 GB), eventually (after 300-700 MB, AFAICT after reboot that's what's there) I come back to the computer and the screen has gone blank, and the keyboard will not light up with num lock presses, and the screen will not turn on from doing any keypresses or mouse clicks/movement, until I reboot the computer.

I tried the same thing with cp, and under Haiku Alpha 4.1 it gave me a kernel panic. After that, hrev47020 wouldn't even browse the folder of the USB stick without a kernel panic, so I used an XP computer's check disk to repair the stick. After that, I tried 'cp .../*' on hrev47020 (with a Tracker folder open so I could watch the files as they copied) and while the slowing behaviour did happen still, when I came back later the files had copied successfully and the computer was fine and I could unmount the stick and carry on.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10694 (Somewhat reproducible KDL: power_daemon in wait_for_objects()) created

Tue, 2014-03-18 12:33

Collected a lot of data over several weeks but here's the highlights..

  • it takes just a few steps after boot-up to trigger this: open FileTypes, 4 Tracker windows and 4 Terminals in a certain order, then invoke "Restart computer".
  • this bug occurs easily on this hrev (early PM), presumably because that particular hrev has a bug where it eats up 100% CPU in kernelland, which was fixed a few days later. Maybe the extra pressure exhibits an otherwise tricky bug ?
  • this bug is VERY finicky and shy -- using the exact same steps on the same hrev but on a different computer (Asus F2A55M based) I completely failed (so far) in reproducing it over there as it does over here. Can post the list of steps I use if somebody wants to try them out but my guts tell me it will be very difficult for others to see this KDL :-/
  • cold boot affinity: seems high.. This KDL is easy to reproduce after a cold boot, and sometimes you can get a "series" of KDLs at each bootup for a while. But once you break you lucky streek and get one trouble-free correct reboot, the thingie is gone and won't trigger any more.
  • all in all, I'm wondering if this can be useful maybe in relating this to other, more annoying, KDLs? I look forward to some diagnosing with haiku devs on this, try to determine which component is at fault, and if this kernel panic could possibly be related to other ones, which are as difficult (or more difficult) to reproduce.. Or if to the contrary, I should stop working this one out and we can archive this because it's not useful in improving current/more recent hrevs..
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Ticket #10693 (Keymap: wrong allignment of modifier keys panel) created

Tue, 2014-03-18 10:28

Using hrev47020 on Keymap preference's Modifier keys window there is an allignment problem when using localization. Using English there is no problem.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10690 (Keymap: key drawing error) created

Tue, 2014-03-18 10:20

Using hrev47020 I found that the keys on the Keymap preference app are drawing wrong. Please see attached image.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10689 (WebPositive: download notification) created

Tue, 2014-03-18 09:55

It would be usefull if there would be a notification when a download has been finished as the same as the user got one when a new mail arrives.
Also if there is a problem during the download, like download aborted.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10688 (Configure script fails while building bootstrap to build ARM image because ...) created

Mon, 2014-03-17 21:24

The configure script fails because of errors in the documentation of binutils. I could not paste the output here since Trac kept insisting it is spam :/

Categories: Development

Ticket #10687 (Add current architecture to PS1) created

Mon, 2014-03-17 18:09

This patch changes two things:

  • It makes setarch add the current arch to the start of PS1 (disableable with the -n (--no-ps1) argument)
  • It changes /etc/profile to add the starting arch to the PS1 (or unknown if getarch isn't available)

It looks like this:

Welcome to the Haiku shell.
[x86_gcc2] ~> setarch x86
[x86] [x86_gcc2] ~> getarch
[x86] [x86_gcc2] ~> setarch x86_gcc2
[x86_gcc2] [x86] [x86_gcc2] ~> exit
[x86] [x86_gcc2] ~> exit
[x86_gcc2] ~> getarch
Categories: Development

Ticket #10686 (Building Haiku on Haiku fails) closed

Mon, 2014-03-17 17:23

Patch applied, thanks a lot!

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