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Ticket #11100 (find_path does not work for binaries outside package mount points) created

Mon, 2014-08-04 12:41

Trying to use find_path from a binary or library (passing a symbol to identify the image) always returns "no such file or directory". This means software needs to be special-cased for "installed"/"not installed" cases, with no clear way on how to handle the latter.

I'm not sure what the proper path to return would be, however. Maybe one of:

  • Use system/non-packaged
  • Use a path relative to the given image location (so the app can be tested in its build directory)
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Ticket #11093 (WebPositive cannot connect to Weather Underground) closed

Mon, 2014-08-04 12:33

Fixed in hrev47619. Thanks for reporting!

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Ticket #10417 (Create directory listing template for Web+) closed

Mon, 2014-08-04 12:13

Added this in ​

Closing the ticket as the infrastructure for loading the file is working, but feel free to submit improvements to the style.

To test your changes, you can:

  • Show some directory listing in Web+ (drag a directory on it)
  • Save the page as MHTML
  • Remove the useless MHTML header and keep only the HTML contents of the file
  • Modify the style which is currently inline (we may move it to a separate file if it gets too big)
  • Test your changes by loading this modified page in Web+
  • Send us your modified page.
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Ticket #11094 (Downloads HTML, not desired file.) closed

Mon, 2014-08-04 08:13
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Ticket #11099 (ARM: Cubieboard (A10) / Cubieboard 2 (A20) support) created

Mon, 2014-08-04 05:55

It would be fine if there would be a Cubieboard compatible version of the Haiku's ARM port.

Cubieboard A20 is an ARM based mini SoC system. It has an Allwinner A20 CPU with 2 cores, 1 GiB RAM, build-in 4 GiB NAND chip, SATA, Mali VGA with HDMI output, ethernet, USB 2.0 and ALSA sound.

Some URLs:

Actually it runs some Linux distributions but I think Haiku would be better and much more usable.

I have attached all the details what I found on the running system using Fedora 20 (I don't know what is useful in this case).

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Ticket #11098 (KDL while on Youtube) created

Sat, 2014-08-02 20:33

Updated my installation last night and after was testing Web+. Went to youtube and while playing/pausing a video in full screen (well, Haiku's full screen), I got sent on a trip to KDL. I'll attach a photo of the stack trace.

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Ticket #11097 ([HaikuDepot/pkgman] nothing provides lib:libstdc++ needed by smpeg-0.4.5-2) created

Sat, 2014-08-02 16:36

I'm using hrev47613 gcc2 hybrid built on haiku (nightly hrev47611 gcc2 hybrid regularily upgraded via pkgman).

If I try to install sdl_mixer with HaikuDepot, I get the following error message concerning libstdc++:


This problem only occurs in recent self-built revisions, but not on downloaded/upgraded nightly images. So, I suppose, cross-compiled versions are not affected.

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Ticket #11096 ([Blacklisting] targets all packages, not just the one specified) created

Sat, 2014-08-02 09:32

This is hrev47610 I tried using the proper way described in #10041, i.e. not using the "touch" hack at all but replacing that hack with blacklisting instead.

It does not work, both the mainline driver and my patched package are blacklisted. It seems there is still a tweak left to do in the blacklisting code: enforce the "package" field: if my blacklisting specifies "add-on/kernel...../hda" in package "haiku" then it should only blacklist the one in package haiku, not in package ttcoder-hda-patch :-)

Things work well if I blacklist and put the "patched" hda driver in the non-packaged hierarchy, or if I forego using blacklisting at all and put the patched hda driver in an .hpkg but with a hacked mod-time of 1st January 2037. But these are less convenient approaches.

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Ticket #11095 (WebPositive renders some pages with missing text.) created

Sat, 2014-08-02 03:04

See the attached image for an example on 4chan's /out/ (outdoors) board. I have reproduced this bug on an image built from git sources today.

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Ticket #11094 (Downloads HTML, not desired file.) created

Fri, 2014-08-01 22:16


Web+ will download a "webscr" HTML file, instead of the desired file on PayPal's "Download Recent History Logs".

That page can be accessed at ​ , after logging into PayPal.

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Ticket #8027 (Web+ crashed on context menu) closed

Fri, 2014-08-01 14:11

No response. Closing as invalid.

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Ticket #11093 (WebPositive cannot connect to Weather Underground) created

Thu, 2014-07-31 20:03

When trying to connect to ​ I get the error that it can't connect, and the message is "Bad Data". It loads fine in Windows 7, elementary OS, and my Android phone.

Using hrev47608

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Ticket #11092 (WebPositive give bookmark bar its own folder) created

Thu, 2014-07-31 18:43

hrev 476608

WebPositive throws all new bookmarks on the bookmark bar.

the bookmark bar should monitor a special folder in /boot/home/config/settings/WebPositive/Bookmarks/

I suggest:


The bookmarkbar should show only the bookmarks in this folder. This way the user can manage the links shown in the bar, but still have more lonks in bookmarks folder.

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Ticket #10630 (Webpositive crashes openning youtube link) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 15:21

That page doens't crash anymore here.

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Ticket #10622 (Web+ crashing on Blogger posts list) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 15:19

Assuming the original crash had the same root cause, closing this. Please reopen if you can still get it to crash.

Categories: Development