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Ticket #10630 (Webpositive crashes openning youtube link) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 15:21

That page doens't crash anymore here.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10622 (Web+ crashing on Blogger posts list) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 15:19

Assuming the original crash had the same root cause, closing this. Please reopen if you can still get it to crash.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10700 (Yahoo News Website does not load) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 15:01

Well that page is definitely working now.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10787 ([WebPositive] Dropbox commands not handled correctly) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 14:58

Duplicate of #10820.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11004 (Webpositive - General protection fault) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 14:54

Probably a duplicate of #10821. The backtrace is different but the issue is an use-after-free, which can corrupt different things depending on the sequence of events.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11091 (Shine-through PM folders won't symlink ..etc) created

Thu, 2014-07-31 14:24


  • open e.g. Haiku-menu > Applications
  • in the "shine through" folder that opens, select an app, e.g. ActivityMonitor, and..
  • right-drag it to the desktop to symlink it, or right-click it and select AddOns > Open-target-folder ..etc: nothing happens at all (not even getting an error message).

Seems Tracker does not handle well the new PM folders; some of the actions do work, some do not. It's not the underlying file-system which is at fault since I can still ln -s .... to create the symlink by hand, and symlinking directly from the app (instead of the symlink-to-app-in-shine-through-folder) works too.

Bug been there a while, ever since the switch to PM I think.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11090 (Installation of haiku ports fails) created

Thu, 2014-07-31 11:43

haiku ports install fail

On real hardware (intel haswell core i3-4330) with :
Haiku shredder 1 hrev47606 Jul 31 2014 02:03:23 BePC x86 Haiku

When wanting to install haiku ports,

the git clone fails and displays :

git clone ​
Cloning into 'haikuports'...
fatal: unable to access '​': error setting certificate verify locations:

CAfile: /packages/curl-7.35.0-1/ca_root_certificates/data/ssl/CARootCertificates.pem
CApath: none

the file /boot/system/data/ssl/CARootCertificates.pem is present,

cd /packages/curl-7.35.0-1

ls -al

lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 5 2014-07-31 12:11 .self -> ../..
lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 24 2014-07-31 12:11 .settings -> ../../../system/settings
lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 1 2014-07-31 12:11 ca_root_certificates -> ?
lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 5 2014-07-31 12:11 haiku -> ../..
lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 5 2014-07-31 12:11 lib~libssl -> ../..
lr-xr-xr-x 1 user root 5 2014-07-31 12:11 lib~libz -> ../..

the ca_root_certificates symbolic point to ? and seems to be corrupted.

As /packages/curl-7.35.0-1 directory is read-only, this cannot be manually corrected.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10818 (can't download files from google-drive) closed

Thu, 2014-07-31 08:41

Seems this was a variant of #10820. In any case, it works now.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11089 (Wrong use of BReferenceable in Stack and Tile) created

Thu, 2014-07-31 07:29

I built the support kit in debug mode to debug BReferenceable issues. Booted the resulting image and tried to run Installer from Deskbar. Attaching the debug report.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11088 (locating source in Debugger doesn't work anymore.) created

Wed, 2014-07-30 20:42

Possibly since the introduction of query-based search of source files, clicking the "click here to locate..." in Debugger doesn't do anything anymore.

I have a volume with queries disabled hosting all my sources. My system volumes has some BFS errors, which may lead to failed queries. But I would expect the file panel to come up despite of this.

Categories: Development