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as part of my PhD thesis at the Uni Auckland I would like to do a web survey about Stack & Tile.

Stack & Tile (S&T) is an extension of the window manager used in HAIKU. S&T allows the user to stack windows on top of one other or tile windows beside each other.

With the questionnaire we would like to gather some information about how and how often people are using S&T. Even if you never tried S&T before or you don't know S&T at all, we have some general questions for you and we are interested in your feedback! If you don't know S&T please take a look at the Haiku user guide *).

In the questionnaire you are asked to upload some screenshots as examples of how you typically use S&T. If you want to provide some screenshots please take them beforehand to avoid eventual problems with the web questionnaire (e.g. timeouts).

To participate click:

Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Thank you for your help!

*) Haiku user guide (S&T)


Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Huh. Learn something new every day. Been doing that (stacking, and sometimes 'tiling') with a certain theme on KDE for years. Never knew there was a name for it! Alas, I can't do it with xfce; I miss that handy feature.

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

what theme are you using in KDE? is it a classic tiling window manager theme or something similar to S&T?

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

At least on KDE 3.x there was a "B II" theme that was very obviously Be-inspired which supported the stacking aspect of things. Not so sure about the tiling part.

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Hey Clemens!

Should people that took the questionaire at BeGeister 025 (I think...) not take this one, or is this a new one?


Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

No please go ahead this one is independent from the one I want to do at BeGeistert!

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

I tried to get some screenshots for the questionaire but struck a bug: Tiling Webpositive with any other application window causes the whole system to freeze; keyboard and mouse.
So I will try to get around to doing the questionaire without screenshots. Not now because it is getting late for me.

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Yes I fixed this bug in hrev44691. If you don't want to update to the latest nightly you could just use another window instead of WebPositive and just add a comment when uploading the file (there is a comment field...) thanks!

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Thats alright I sustituted with Bon Echo. Thanks for fixing the bug.

Re: Stack & Tile web questionnaire

One comment related to S&T:
S&T is already very useful, but it still needs more features. And one of them, could be, that when tiling two windows, that you can choose to hide the titlebar, so that you can have more compact arrangements.
Another features would be: To be able to manipulate groups, e.g. to tile one group of windows, to another group of windows.

s&t mediaplayer mishap

Tried to file a ticket on trac but somehow the pw-reset didnt work so i'll just throw this here..

If you stack a few mediaplayers with videos and go fullscreen with one of the videos, then hit win+arrow, the current fullscreen vid is removed from the stack and remains removed even you make it windowed again.

Maybe this would be a mediaplayer enhancement ticket but it would be great if you could switch the stacked mediaplayers with win+curs combo even in fullscreen mode. I tend to open up a bunch of psychedelic videoclips and switch between them at will for my personal enjoyment. =)

Great work with s&t mr Czeidler, keep it up!


Re: s&t mediaplayer mishap

Hi samui,

I took the libe