Midterm Results: All students passed!

Blog post by mmadia on Tue, 2012-07-17 22:14

Over the weekend, Google processed the results for the midterm evaluations for Google Summer of Code 2012. I'm pleased to announce that all five students passed their midterm evaluations! As you may have seen, the students have been posting details on their progress and future plans on their blogs. Last month, two students even gained commit access. Alex Smith received it for Haiku's repository and Hamish Morrison received access to OpenJDK. Congratulations everyone and keep up the great work!


Re: Midterm Results: All students passed!

Great to hear. Important for Haiku not only given the current feature additions these projects provides but also for future Haiku GSOC involvement.

Having had successful projects is likely a good part of the GSOC selection criteria for when re-applying.

How many years in a row has Haiku been accepted?

Re: Midterm Results: All students passed!

Hi Rox,

This is the sixth consecutive year Haiku's been part of GSoC.

Re: Midterm Results: All students passed!

That's goddamn impressive given all the projects that applies for GSOC each year.

A lot of thanks got to go to those who organize the Haiku GSOC effort and all the mentors who are all obviously doing a great job.