Bluetooth Preference

Blog post by oruizdorantes on Fri, 2009-01-09 23:56

This is the first time I blog on Haiku site. During the development of the Haiku Bluetooth Stack I have been posting on my blog, while the development was centered hardcore parts, and deeply related to the technology and the specification books. I guess writing all that here would have been spamming the community:)

This time there is something that user community might be affected in terms of usability and so on. There is some ongoing development on the UI side of the Bluetooth movie. And the reason of the post is to reach the most possible people this time and retrieve as much feedback as possible.

How people has seen things done in other Operating Systems. Windows might be the most varied one. Although XP SP2 comes with basic support, if you want to use all the bluetooth features you have to install the software given by the vendor, therefore provides its own Bluetooth environment to the system. And in the MAC where I saw a good integration.

Take a look here and let me know what do you think, or how would you do, where would you place that and this ;)