Donations: Come on Europe!

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Let's get together and make sure that the monthly donations in euro is equal to or bigger than the donations in us dollars. In June 2011, monthly donations were $166 (equals to ~€115) versus €65. The recent long-term contract for Michael Lotz shows that the money donated comes to very good use.

I've committed to donate €25/month. How about you?


Re: Donations: Come on Europe!

Not in Europe, but does anyone know how to change the amount of the monthly donation after having set it up. I am currently at $5 and would like to increase it a little. but I can't find where to change the amount.


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You could cancel yours and then make a new monthly subscription. mentions this:

How to cancel monthly donation?

PayPal has an excellent page on how to cancel subscription payments. At this time, we do not support recurring subscription payments with AmazonPayments or Google Checkout.