Officially supported Development Tool Set

Forum thread started by Octopus on Sun, 2010-12-19 21:34

There a lot of coming gimmicks and functional improvements currently are requested and being built.

But before the motivation will widely grow to put a lot of time and efforts into the writing of generic applications for Haiku there is a need to officially identify a set of prioritized development tools as to be supported for several years. It is not attractive to have the risk to waist ones time. No one is bound to make developments especially using Haiku. Writing for Haiku using C++ should be attractive and not in vain. Because of the programmers' world is full of OS alternatives.


Re: Officially supported Development Tool Set

I'm not sure what you mean by gimmicks? As for attracting developers, in my opinion the most important thing is to have a good API to work against, and here Haiku shines (imo). Particularly since it encompasses a huge amount of functionality through it's array of kits and also because the API is very consistent. As for 'development tool set', there's 'Paladin' as an IDE (or good old Pe if you are feeling nostalgic), there's also work on a new native debugger to replace gdb afaik.