Right-click to Copy / Paste etc.

Forum thread started by hey68you on Thu, 2009-02-05 13:55

I know BeOS never had this, but

Would it be easy (and acceptable to the Haiku Board of Directors) to have a similar functionality to other OSes and Firefox, etc. whereby in a text entry box or even in the Haiku text control used by Styled Edit to get a pop-up context menu for cut, paste, select all, etc. when right clicking on selected text.

Screen shot: http://www.geocities.com/hey68you/firefox_rightclick.png

Apologies if there is already a forum thread on this or even if there is already an open ticket for this.



Re: Right-click to Copy / Paste etc.

I second this :D
It would be quite useful.

Re: Right-click to Copy / Paste etc.

It from former me this lacks already, on example in StylesEdit or Terminal. I speak with certain programmer even, he wrote, from thenwork on half day :D Unfortunately, he does in Haiku now heavier thing . Therefore I favour your idea fully ;)

Re: Right-click to Copy / Paste etc.

@hey68you: What system is that (from the screenshot)?