Tethering with Android

Forum thread started by admin on Sun, 2011-10-02 18:36

I was wondering if it is possible to connect to the internet in Haiku by tethering with my android phone because there are no drivers for my ethernet or wifi card. I thought that maybe the usb device would appear as a network adapter in the preferences when I plugged in my phone, but this does not seem to be the case.


Re: Tethering with Android

Via an USB connection, nope, as Haiku don't have a working modem dialup support yet.

But via wifi - Android can act as an hotspot point - sure. Well, when your wifi card will be supported, that is :-\
The USB cable can still be useful : to keep your phone battery charging while serving as a private wifi access point.

Anyway, please file an enhancement ticket requiring support for your wired and wifi cards. There is more probability that Haiku can support them sooner than dialup, I fear.

Re: Tethering with Android

Haiku would need to implement Microsoft's RNDIS into the network stack, something which some OS's like Linux and Windows have done but many others like FreeBSD haven't.
I don't know how complex the framework is or how difficult it would be to implement into Haiku but I don't think it would be high on the to-do list right now.

A wrapper like PdaNet could be written, but that would take a lot of work too.