usb3 card support

Forum thread started by farvardin on Tue, 2012-11-06 19:38


Some time ago, I had a problem with my usb connectors on my motherboard, and they're not working anymore.

I've installed an USB3 pci card, and it's working fine on Linux, BSD...

I tried today the latest Haiku nightly build, and I don't have access to my external disk or usb key.

It is this model (found with lspci on Linux):

02:00.0 USB controller: NEC Corporation uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller (rev 03)

Do you think there is a way to make it work on Haiku?


Re: usb3 card support

There is a work in progress xHCI bus driver, it is not in the image yet, though.
You could try to add it yourself and see if it works.

Re: usb3 card support

I read about the Google Summer of Code project to port USB3, but I thought it was already re-integrated. I don't think I'd be able to build it myself, but maybe it's in the new release. I'll look at this in the future anyway.