vmdk stops at splash screen

Forum thread started by Kirg on Wed, 2012-11-07 13:58

I've tried various versions, hrevr1alpha4-44687 just now, but always the same result: Haiku stops at the splash screen just after the rocket ship icon is lit.

I found this thread - https://www.haiku-os.org/community/forum/haiku_will_not_boot_past_splash... - but it hasn't helped me, it's more than 2 years old and, if it matters, I'm trying to use the vmdk under Virtual Box (4.2.4 r81684) under Linux Mint.

What am I missing?


Re: vmdk stops at splash screen

I had this issue. Hitting space prior to start up brought up a menu. Turning something of that is on by default allowed me to boot effectively. I forget what the option was. I'll check it out later when I have time if nobody else responds in greater detail.

Re: vmdk stops at splash screen

Try to disable leave only one cpu as well turn of all other advanced features in VM settings.