What are BONE

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Sorry my ignorance, but...what are BONE?
so much programs need it.


Re: What are BONE

BONE is another acronym, it means "BeOS Networking Environment".

The networking stack in beos did not work out as well as Be inc would have liked. The company near the end of it's life created a new network stack that they called BONE, to fix the problems that the other network stack had.

Haiku's network stack is a lot more like the BONE network stack than the BeOS network stack, but it is not the same stack, as Haiku's network stack has been made, to be how the Haiku developers would like it.

(more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BeOS_Networking_Environment)

Re: What are BONE

If You have coiches use the BONE builds under Haiku (for example there is 3 version from Firefox: for netserver (BeOS R5.0.3), for BONE (BeOS Dan0) and ZETA (BeOS Dan0+some extras)).