Where can I download Zeta OS?

Forum thread started by holahola on Fri, 2011-09-02 15:21

Hello! I'm looking for a place where I can download Zeta OS. Do you know where to download it?


Re: Where can I download Zeta OS?

Zeta OS was a commercial operating system based on BeOS code. Later in its life it was discovered that the creator didn't have permission to use the BeOS source code and the company went defunct.

It's best to pretend Zeta never existed and it was a step backward for the BeOS / Haiku ecosystem.


Haiku is way better then Zeta was anyway :)

You can surf the torrent sites for it... however remember that downloading it without a valid licence would be piracy.

Re: Where can I download Zeta OS?

Piracy of... who? There isn't any company with any intention of monetizing the original BeOS... so calling it piracy is a bit overboard even though if you want to get nit picky about it it is.

I mean Access owns the code but... I haven't never heard anybody even mention they might have some intention to do anything with it.

If anything Magnusoft kept the BeOS ecosystem on life support for awhile which nobo