Windows 8 Ribbon for Explorer

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another MS vid, this one for Explorer:

I have to admit, this actually looks pretty good to me.

Now about the ribbon -- which replaces the Menubar and Toolbar in apps -- I was not familiar with this interface element. And it seems to be a bit controversial, as some people really don't like it. But just looking at some vids, it looks pretty usable and handy to me. Again, this isn't from real usage, so there might be some issues I haven't dealt with -- but just looking at the presentation videos, I like what I see.

Here's a video where someone defends the ribbon (a little too strongly, IMO). But I can see his point.


Re: Windows 8 Ribbon for Explorer

The ribbon is OK on the Mac version of Office, where the conventional menu is still available. On the Windows version the ribbon has taken over completely. Just today I spent half an hour peering at the tiny icons: "where the %$#* do I insert a footnote?

Re: Windows 8 Ribbon for Explorer

The ribbon interface makes sense for a big office application with tons of features.
For a filebrowser with such a tiny feature base compared to a office suite, it makes no sense and looks akwared to put such a big toolbar on the top of the filebrowser.

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