Development FAQ

I am a programmer and would like to help. Where can I get started?

Check out the Getting Started page. You will also find links to several useful development related pages in the Development section of this website. [top]

Do you have any easy introductory tasks for me?

There's certainly something you can do as an introductory. Please see the Getting Started page for some examples. [top]

Do you have coding guidelines?

Yes, we do. Please check out the Haiku Coding Guidelines document. [top]

How do I create and submit patches?

After having checked out our repository and configured git you can modify the source files. Always check if your modifications compile without errors/warnings. To create a patch, start the Terminal, navigate to the root folder of your repository. After locally committing your changes with "git commit -a" (adding a short description of the changes, maybe including the ticket number ('#1234') you're fixing), run "git format-patch". You'll find the patch in the root folder of your repository.
To submit your patch, either attach the file to an appropriate bug report or send it to our development mailing list. [top]

What development tools do you use?

  • A slightly modified version of Jam as our building tool. It is included in Haiku's official releases and nightly images. If you are cross-compiling Haiku, you will need to build jam from source.
  • Git as our version control system.
  • Trac as our project management and bug/issue tracking system.


Do you have a mailing list for developers?

Yes, we have several. Please check out the Mailing Lists page. [top]

Do you have an IRC channel?

There are multiple IRC Channels. Currently, all of the listed ones are on the network. [