JMicron Supports SATA Implementation in Haiku (updated)

News posted by axeld on Sat, 2007-04-14 09:25
Note: JMicron monitors user comments and encourages all Haiku supporters to post their comments at the Haiku Website, instead of mailing them directly. Thanks for your support! We are pleased to announce that JMicron Technology Corporation has offered to give our project support in the implementation of SATA technology for Haiku. JMicron has pledged to support the development effort by providing the required technical documentation as well as hardware for testing. Haiku developer Marcus Overhagen will be working closely with JMicron with the eventual goal of achieving full support for JMicron's SATA products in Haiku in the future. JMicron is a pioneer for SATA and PCI Express products. Haiku is an emerging multimedia desktop operating system. This cooperation will provide a solid foundation for multimedia applications. Update: Apparently, after the above announcement, JMicron got a number of mails expressing the appreciation of their support. They kindly asked us to add the following statement: "It is so proud for JMicron to work with Haiku. No matter to others, JMicron would like to say thanks to all of you. For new coming chips, JMicron would like to get your great help as same as before.". On behalf of the Haiku team, I want to thank JMicron for their offer, and I am looking forward to work with them.


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...and the news keeps on getting better and better!

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DVB + SATA = Respect. Marcus is the man.

I wish I had some cash right now to spend on a donation.

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These are great news!
I hope more hardware developers will give access to their documentation to Haiku developers for writing drivers.

Does somebody has news about Rudolf? Is there anybody continuing nVidia drivers development for Haiku?

Haiku team is doing a great job, we should thank them for giving us an alternative (a great one, imho)


Hip, Hip... SATA!

Perfect! There falls another hurdle keeping Haiku (natively) from my notebook. I think we should fire some short thank mails to the nice people of JMicron at

Can anyone say how generic the result will be? Does it mean that in the end any SATA device will "just work", or is it limited to JMicron products?


Great to see a company supporting an emerging OS !
Thanks indeed JMicron and Marcus.

nVidia driver development

Supporting all PC hardware is a real PITA.

Help yourself by chosing products from open hardware vendors
and supporting projects such as the Open Graphics Project:

Current state:

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The JMicron SATA boards are an implementation of the AHCI SATA controller specification, which is also used by VIA, ATI, nVidia, and most prominently Intel in their motherboard chipsets. Generally you need a very recent board to have an AHCI compliant controller though.

Of course there are other SATA controllers which aren't AHCI compatible. So if you're looking for something that is AHCI compatible then buy a JMicron, or do some research about the next motherboard you're going to buy.

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I work on storage drivers in OpenBSD, and I have to say JMicron is the best hardware vendor I have ever dealt with. They are the first and only vendor who has actually emailed us with an offer of hardware and documentation so that we can support their controllers. With every other vendor I've had to email them for documentation (which is generally not forthcoming), and I've had to rely on the OpenBSD community to donate hardware for me to work on.

JMicron are great, and their controllers are a good implementation of AHCI. I hope the Haiku driver progresses quickly, and I hope everyone buys JMicron hardware to show how the community appreciates a helpful and open source friendly vendor.

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Thanks for that info, David.
Looks like I'm lucky: My newish notebook from late last year does support AHCI in the BIOS. Funnily enough, there are newer BIOS versions available that remove many BIOS options completely. For now I skip a few revisons until these options reappear or vital bug were fixed that merit BIOS flashing risks or removed options.

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This is what I wrote, and I'm glad other people wrote in as well.

It seems you are, or are going to be, well-liked in the open source community.

As a Haiku supporter (and sometimes OpenBSD ), I would like to thank
you for your assistance in the development of SATA drivers.

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I would like to thank David Gwynne for answering Blibbering Humdinger's question, so I don't need to explain AHCI.

In any case, this is my current plan:

- review documentation and current state of haiku scsi/ide stack (until end of April)
- implement basic (no hotplug, no RAID, no NCQ) SATA support for AHCI, using JMicron hardware and docs.
- implement SATA support for some legacy non-AHCI chipsets that I have hardware for (Silicon Image and Promise, probably VIA)
- implement Hotplug support
- implement NCQ
- optionally implement RAID

I hope to have basic AHCI support working in May, but this depends on availability of enough spare time

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Go JMicron! Only buying your chips from now on.
And thanks again.

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Thanks for supporting HAIKU!

From now on Your hardware will be the first choice.


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Wow! JMicron, you guys are phenomenal, way to be awesome hardware vendors. The next PC I build, your name is at the top of the list. Also way to go Haiku, you guys have been cranking ahead lately, this is so good!

Kudos all around!


Coverage at MYCOM Journal (Japan)

FYI, the Japanese online news site MYCOM Journal has coverage on this news:

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I would like to build a machine to run Haiku natively. Does anybody know a good PCI SATA controller to buy that has a JMicron chipset?

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Yeah me too, does anybody know what the Mac Mini has?

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nutela wrote:

Yeah me too, does anybody know what the Mac Mini has?

Some googling suggests that the x86 Mini's have Intel ICH7-M AHCI.

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I'm searching an AM2 Mainboard at the moment, but I didn't even find one where JMicron is mentioned.

What could I buy to have one of their chips on board?


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So has any one worked on SATA implementation?