BeGeistert 026 - "Marathon"

News posted on Sun, 2012-10-07 15:28

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Hello everyone!

The Haiku Support Association (HSA) would like to invite everyone to the 26th BeGeistert on 3rd & 4th of November 2012. The location will be once again the youth hostel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

For years now, BeGeistert has been the regular get-together of users and developers of Haiku (and BeOS before that); a nice opportunity to present the latest projects and get a direct reaction from the participants.

Clemens Zeidler will be making use of this when he shows off the Auckland Layout Editor (ALE). After a presentation he plans an evaluation to gauge ALE's impact. He did that once before with Stack&Tile, which showed a significant advantage over the regular window management.

Another talk/workshop will be Ingo Weinhold's demonstration of debugging under Haiku, showing the Debugger, DebugAnalyzer and working with profiling and in KDL.

Adrien Destuges will deliver a blast from the past by showing several BeOS programs that are being resurrected. The participants will be asked to help by checking out, testing and categorising his little treasures.

There may be more items on our agenda... we'll see.

After the weekend, there'll be a week long Coding Sprint where some of the Haiku core devs - and anyone else interested - buckle down in earnest to further the development of the system. This is in part sponsored by donations of Haiku Inc., for which we're all very thankful!

You'll find all details at the Haiku event calender.

Hope to see you there!


Re: BeGeistert 026 - "Marathon"

Would love to join you guys but thats about 2000km of travel for my point.. maybe you can do some webcast or something like that ?


Re: BeGeistert 026 - "Marathon"

Hi valkin!

I don't know where exactly you're from, but we'd love to have a delegation of Haiku fans from your country some time. :) A webcast would be kind of boring, I guess. Mostly you'd see a room of people sitting in front of their computers or standing around talking, eating candy or crips, drinking coffee (or beer after sunset :) ).
But I'll try to catch the talks and upload them again to youtube.


Re: BeGeistert 026 - "Marathon"

So how did it go?

Re: BeGeistert 026 - "Marathon"

Hi andrewclunn,

it went very well! In fact, the sprint is still running 'till tomorrow. You'll find Daniel's nice report at IsComputerOn.

I have a few videos I'll have to prepare, then I'll upload them to youtube.

One of the things that delighted me especially, was that with Jonathan there was a new young developer present that is very interested in Haiku and has even created a few patches that were committed. BeGeistert is really a perfect opportunity for interested devs to get a crash course in Haiku development from the core coders themselves. Let's hope more will pay us a visit in the future.
There was also a delegate (with the unusual name Lovis) from a local computer club that is currently exploring Haiku on the RaspBerry. Having the busy colacoder there would have been a perfect opportunity. Unfortunately Lovis wasn't one of the clubs coredevs.