The Art of Jamming - All Parts

Article contributed by leavengood on Sat, 2003-03-08 05:00

Part 1

Before the musicians in the audience get too excited, I'm not going to talk about getting together with buddies to crank out some tunes. Nor will the cooks in the audience find instructions on making the perfect fruit preserves. No, when I say Jamming, I refer to the act of using the Jam build tool.

In this first part of my series on the Jam build tool, I'm going to provide a high level overview as well as show the product of some of my recent labors with Jam: the Jamfile-engine. For those who have developed on BeOS for a decent amount of time, this may sound familiar. It should, because I have essentially taken the functionality of the Be makefile-engine and "ported" it to Jam.