package management

Further improvements to package management and related technologies

Blog post by mmadia on Sun, 2014-02-23 00:07

Since the package management feature branch was merged into HAIKU's
master repository, numerous issues were uncovered. As with any large
feature, an influx of regressions and other issues should always be expected.
Most of the issues revolved around not being able to install or even
run certain software, which for an operating system is a big deal.
Luckily, with any actively developed software such as Haiku, bug fixes
continue to happen. This article will go into some of those issues, what
has been done to fix them, and what other improvements are in the pipeline.

End of package management contract

Blog post by zooey on Sun, 2013-11-10 16:47

From mid-June to early November, I have spent 320 more hours working on package management. After having worked on the bootstrap support in HaikuPorter (which Ingo has already mentioned in his blog entry), I have spent some time reworking the way how Perl and Pythong organize their modules: Scripting languages with module support usually expect to be able to build modules from source and install them somewhere into the hierarchy of the scripting language. In our case, they can no longer just put the built (site-specific) modules into the "standard" folder, as that one is read-only. So the configuration of Perl and Python had to be changed, such that modules built from source are being installed correctly into a writable folder (in the non-packaged hierarchy). Perl already supports the notion of a vendor-modules folder, where packaged Perl modules will be installed (an example of such a beast are the perl modules contained in the git package). That idea has been extended to Python (such that it will automatically pick up the python modules provided by the mercurial package). Separating packaged modules from local (built from source) modules is an idea that should be followed by all (not only scripting) languages ported to Haiku.
The updated perl, python, git, mercurial and scons packages that are the result from that work have not yet been published, but I will do that during the next couple of days.

The package management branches of both haikuporter and haikuports have been merged into the respective master, i.e. all porting work done in there will produce packages. Several new 'testing-' branches will be added to the haikuports repository soon in order to be able to separate work on the bleeding edge from the work that tries to stabilize a given set of packages for a release.

Finally, I have started with work on the infrastructure required for automatic building of repositories and (at a later stage) packages. The first effect of this is that whenever a developer changes the version of a package used by Haiku's build system, the respective repository will be created automatically. Those repositories are being published to, from where pkgman will download packages.

Summarizing those months of work: I think we have managed to put most of the work behind us, but we haven't reached the goal just yet. There's still more work to do and I personally will return to continuing that work in my spare time.

Package Management Goes Live

Blog post by bonefish on Fri, 2013-09-27 22:33

I'm proud to announce that, at last, the package management branch has been merged into the main development line, aka master branch. The builds and nightly images from hrev46113 on will include the new feature.

Package Management: The Return of the Hybrid

Blog post by bonefish on Mon, 2013-08-12 16:37

Although I have been a lazy blogger lately we haven't been lazy working on our remaining tasks at all. So, unsurprisingly, since my previous post we have reached and passed a few nice milestones. The latest one is that we're finally able to build the gcc2/gcc4 hybrid Haiku images again, including all the software needed for the official release.

Package Management: Getting Cross

Blog post by zooey on Tue, 2013-06-11 09:32

The end of my first two-man-months contract has been reached, but I'll be diving right into the next 160 hours of working on package management. So, first of all: a big thank you to all the donors out there!

Package Management: New Contract Starts

Blog post by bonefish on Mon, 2013-06-03 20:13

My new contract has now officially started. At the moment it looks like its duration will be at least three months. A big thanks to everyone who donated to make that possible!

Package Management: Building Things (Part 2)

Blog post by bonefish on Sat, 2013-05-25 19:29

It's been quite a while since the previous blog post. I've been waiting for an nice occasion, but the more interesting milestones are still a bit away. While nothing flashy can be presented, a lot of work has been done anyway.