Lesson 17: What's on the Menu?

Blog post by darkwyrm on Mon, 2010-05-10 12:26

After an unintended wait, Lesson 17 is finally out. We are back to learning about hacking on the Haiku GUI after taking a short C++ language break. Today's topic? Menus. Also in this lesson is some expansion of what we know about messaging and BViews.

Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 17
Project: 17MenuColors.zip

Lesson 16: Locked and Overloaded

Blog post by darkwyrm on Tue, 2010-04-27 00:03

It's strange how a week goes by so quickly now, but it's good motivation to keep writing! This lesson takes a break from hacking the Haiku API to learn a few C++ language concepts needed to continue progress as an aspiring developer. Function overloading and operator overloading are examined in detail. Enjoy! Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 16.

Lesson 15: The Haiku API at 10,000 Feet

Blog post by darkwyrm on Tue, 2010-04-20 13:04

Having written our first program, Lesson 15 delves further into what writing basic applications are all about, looking at the API and its organization and focusing on an essential: messaging. Also included in this lesson are the finished sources for those who don't want to mess around with typing the project out.

Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 15
Lesson 15 Project Sources: ClickMe.zip

Lesson 14: Our First GUI Program

Blog post by darkwyrm on Tue, 2010-04-13 23:47

It's about time: our first program which does more than print stuff to the Terminal! Now the real fun begins! Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 14.

Lesson 13: Programming With Class(es)

Blog post by darkwyrm on Sun, 2010-04-04 00:48

Today we'll be diving headlong into the murky depths of C++ programming: classes and inheritance -- struct's with fancy tricks aplenty. It's also our last lesson before writing our first windowed Haiku program, so get ready and study well. Enjoy! Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 13.

Lesson 12: OOPs I Did It Again!

Blog post by darkwyrm on Sun, 2010-03-28 11:37

This would be the only time I will capitalize on a really bad Britney Spears reference. I promise. ;-) This lesson introduces us to the wonderful world of C++ and Object Oriented Programming. It's not terribly code-heavy, so this might be a good time to look over past lessons to make sure you understand concepts pretty well -- it only gets bigger from here. :-)

Also, there is now an archive of all programming lessons at the redesigned version of my old website, now titled DarkWyrm's Library. If you've missed one and want to save yourself hunting around my blog or the Haiku website, go there.

Learning to Program with Haiku, Lesson 12.