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Ticket #12502 (64 bit ffmpeg update - some fixes and bugs) created

2 hours 22 min ago

Updated 64 bit to hrev49881
Played a variety of SD and HD format videos with MediaPlayer
Played a variety of YouTube videos on Webpositive
AVCHD (mt2) video is now working again with MediaPlayer
4K UHD (MP4) video is now displaying video with MediaPlayer (Heavily CPU dependent)
SD (avi) not working with MediaPlayer - MediaPlayer closes immediately
YouTube video plays in Webpositive, BUT at double speed

I'll attach logs after further testing tomorrow

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Ticket #10877 (ClipToPicture is too slow) closed

Tue, 2015-11-24 21:03

Jua solved this. Thanks!

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Ticket #12501 (Page fault in file_cache_sync) created

Tue, 2015-11-24 21:02

Was performing big copies with Tracker when it KDL'd (two copy operations at once), triggered by what looks like perhaps running out of vnodes...

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Ticket #12500 (Webpositive locks up) created

Tue, 2015-11-24 04:12

hrev49876 x86_gcc2
Going to ​ causes Webpositive to lock up
Attach debugger to Webpositive and create report (attached)

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Ticket #12499 (In certain cases, class member variables aren't correctly exposed) created

Mon, 2015-11-23 20:11

As seen in the crash report attached to #12478, the members for the clipped_alpha_mask class are missing. Currently, it isn't entirely clear why though, as trace output that was requested indicates that DwarfTypeFactory is in fact detecting and processing them, so their absence in the value node graph would seem to indicate a problem, though this could also simply be a quirk of gcc2's DWARF output (it has not yet been confirmed if the same problem is seen with DWARFv4 or not).

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Ticket #12498 (Slow boot with many "administrative" entries) created

Mon, 2015-11-23 16:29

This is hrev49872.

I noticed a long delay (> 2 sec.) before the boot logo appears. It turned out, that I had over 200 subfolders in /system/packages/administrative/. After removing everything but the newest 20 of them, that delay disappeared.

Of course I don't need 200+ fallback states and I don't have a problem deleting those from time to time (until some prefs panel will allow me to set up an "auto-clean" maybe in the future).
I was wondering though, why it's even an issue to have many fallback-states when booting. Surely this list of fallbacks is only of interest when entering the boot options and not for a regular boot?

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Ticket #12438 (Implement brk and sbrk) closed

Sun, 2015-11-22 17:01

Applied in hrev49872. A CPP unit test is nice to have, but no reason to hold the patch.

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Ticket #12497 (Web+ window just closes) created

Sun, 2015-11-22 14:08

This is hrev49856.

I had maybe 8 tabs open in Web+, and was opening new and closing other tabs for an hour or so. Then, while entering some text in crappy Google-GCI task form, Web+ simply closed the window. This was all that could be found in the syslog:

KERN: intel_extreme accelerant:CALLED status_t intel_get_edid_info(void *, long unsigned int, uint32 *)
KERN: 1336: DEBUGGER: Could not create BWindow's receive port, used for interacting with the app_server!
KERN: _user_debugger(): Failed to install debugger. Message is: `Could not create BWindow's receive port, used for interacting with the app_server!'
KERN: thread_hit_debug_event(): Failed to create debug port: No more ports available
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Ticket #12496 (web+ plays videos but with no sound... garbbaged) closed

Sun, 2015-11-22 13:28

Sound should be fixed in hrev49858.
As for the debug reports, please open separate tickets and try not of mix different things in one ticket.

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Ticket #12496 (web+ plays videos but with no sound... garbbaged) created

Sun, 2015-11-22 13:22

cannot turn of garbagged sound... wheater in video sound icon itself nor in deskbar volume ...

Sound is working only if ther is no video...
Sound only is ok!

Categories: Development

Ticket #12494 (No pasting when composing a mail in GMail) created

Sun, 2015-11-22 08:14

This is hrev49856.

When composing a new mail, or replying to one, the pasting of the clipboard doesn't work in the body of the message. It does in the To and Subject field though.

Categories: Development

Ticket #11418 (Web+ - Not rendering offscreen objects) closed

Sun, 2015-11-22 06:26

Thanks for the update!

Categories: Development

Ticket #12493 (Web+ - Some text not readable) created

Sat, 2015-11-21 19:56


The text for the diffrent parts are unreadable.
I have added the HTML code section that has the problem. I have not yet found the class that it refers to.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12492 (app_server crashes when opening a text file) created

Sat, 2015-11-21 03:19

I have hrev49730 x86_gcc2

I get the error detailed in the attached image, when I try to open specific text file.

I tried using the checkfs tool without success. Also, I tried to open the file with another editor (HotEdit) with the same error.

vm_page_fault: thread "w:1229:Packages" (1235) in team "app_server" (332) tried to read address 0x766919ec, ip 0x157ba4e ("libroot.so_seg0ro" +0xafa4e)
debug_server: Thread 1235 entered the debugger: Segment violation
stack trace, current PC 0x157ba4e  malloc__Q28BPrivate10threadHeapUl + 0x4ca:
(0x70932f38)  0x157c34c  malloc + 0x184
(0x70932f68)  0x14f49fd  __nw__FUlRC9nothrow_t + 0x29
(0x70932f98)  0x750127  AddConstraint__Q217LinearProgramming10LinearSpecdPQ217LinearProgramming8VariabledT2Q217LinearProgramming12OperatorTypeddd + 0x11b
(0x70932fe8)  0x73fed2  Init__10WindowAreaP8SATGroup + 0xd6
(0x70933058)  0x743595  AddWindow__8SATGroupP9SATWindowP3TabN32 + 0xb51
(0x709330b8)  0x747d34  GetGroup__9SATWindow + 0xb4
(0x70933118)  0x74a87f  _ActivateWindow__12StackAndTileP9SATWindow + 0x2b
(0x70933158)  0x74a259  WindowActivated__12StackAndTileP6Window + 0x35
(0x70933188)  0x6781ab  NotifyWindowActivated__17DesktopObservableP6Window + 0x53
(0x709331b8)  0x66fd66  ActivateWindow__7DesktopP6Window + 0x82
(0x70933208)  0x670660  ShowWindow__7DesktopP6Window + 0xc4
(0x70933248)  0x69f686  _Show__12ServerWindow + 0x8a
(0x70933278)  0x6a0456  _DispatchMessage__12ServerWindowlRQ28BPrivate12LinkReceiver + 0x21a
(0x709333a8)  0x6a85bc  _MessageLooper__12ServerWindow + 0x27c
(0x70933428)  0x683c70  _message_thread__13MessageLooperPv + 0x28
(0x70933458)  0x14fdd43  thread_entry + 0x23
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Ticket #12491 (MediaPlayer crashes on HD Video) created

Sat, 2015-11-21 00:29

hrev49863 x86_gcc2
AVCHD (.mts) video crashes MediaPlayer
4K UHD (.mp4) video crashes MediaPlayer
SD 640x480 (.avi) plays perfectly

Categories: Development