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Ticket #12790 (spam) closed

Wed, 2016-05-18 18:22
Categories: Development

Ticket #12790 (spam) created

Wed, 2016-05-18 18:17


Categories: Development

Ticket #12789 (Lenovo X200, Intel 4500MHD, "White screen") created

Wed, 2016-05-18 15:52

Hi, Booting Haiku with default setting get me to a black screen that progresively become white starting by the center of the screen. I think that the video driver work fine but try to use a unsupported mode.

Using the failsafe mode and "VESA" work fine.

The video card is Intel 4500MHD.
Computer is Lenovo X200, normal screen resolution is 1280x800

Might be similar to #8001

Categories: Development

Ticket #12788 (BTRFS crash on mount) created

Wed, 2016-05-18 15:44

Hi, I tried to mount a BTRFS partition to copy the syslog on it for another bug and it crashed hard. I will attach the "picture" of the panic log.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12787 (Regression - button background color) created

Wed, 2016-05-18 15:40

hrev 50260

The background color of a button should depend on the background color of the view.
note the grey button

on a pre-hrev49976 system:

It doesn't look so bad here, but many apps rely on the button matching the background.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12786 (Atheros AR5418 very slow to connect and unuseable) created

Wed, 2016-05-18 15:39

Hi, I have a laptop with a AR5418 Atheros card. The card is detected and is detecting the network very fast but when i'm connecting, it take age to connect and it stop transfering after moving like 1 Kb, stay stuck for some minutes and disconnect (2-3 more minutes), reconnect and same thing append.

I have attach the syslog with the bug, note the "reboot" in the middle of the file is releated to another bug.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12785 (Bluetooth: Local device not detected) created

Wed, 2016-05-18 15:25

hrev50321 x86_gcc2
IOGEAR Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter
The device appears in listusb, but is not shown in Bluetooth settings
"Local devices found on system"
listusb attached
screenshot1 attached

Categories: Development

Ticket #12784 ( crashing again) created

Tue, 2016-05-17 01:58

still crashing as of hrev 53050 attaching core file

Categories: Development

Ticket #12783 (USB mouse doesn't work on boot) created

Sat, 2016-05-14 23:32

When I boot into Haiku with my USB mouse plugged in, the mouse doesn't work until I unplug it and plug it back in. The mouse does receive power, but it doesn't affect the cursor. I have also tested booting with a USB stick plugged in, and Haiku does detect the USB stick without me having to unplug and replug it.

Haiku hrev50317 hybrid
USB controller: AMD SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 USB EHCI Controller

Categories: Development

Ticket #12780 (Filetypes does not enable save menu item on changes to version info) closed

Sat, 2016-05-14 17:47

Applied in hrev50316. Thanks for the patch!

Categories: Development

Ticket #12782 (Long delay between blue screen and appearance of deskbar) created

Sat, 2016-05-14 17:05

hrev50314 x86_gcc2
Updated from x86_gcc2 hrev50305 to hrev50309, and noted an unusual delay between the blue screen and the appearance of the deskbar.
I also updated 64 bit for comparison purposes and did not see any unusual delay after several boots.
It appears that the issue is specific to x86_gcc2.
Another user commented on IRC (May 13) about a similar delay issue.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12781 (Optiplex GX620 no video) created

Sat, 2016-05-14 16:24

Dell Optiplex GX620. VGA Output @1080p. Corrupted video.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12780 (Filetypes does not enable save menu item on changes to version info) created

Sat, 2016-05-14 16:11

When changing the version information of a resource in the FileTypes application, the "Save" menu item is not enabled.
The FileTypes application does know that the version info has been changed as quitting pops up a question if I want to save my changes.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12779 (Version info in big endian resource is not handled correctly) created

Sat, 2016-05-14 14:24

When reading the version information of a big endian resource file, the numbers are read as if they are in the host endianess format, so they come out wrong on a little endian machine. For example 1 is shown as 16777216. See the attached resource for an example.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12775 ([Patch] BluetoothServer.cpp: fix gcc6 build) closed

Fri, 2016-05-13 19:46

Applied in hrev50308. Thanks!

Categories: Development