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Ticket #6210 ([PATCH] Replace ppc kernel linker workaround) closed

Sun, 2016-10-16 17:53

Second patch applied in hrev50595

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Ticket #812 (Port PPP to the new stack) closed

Sun, 2016-10-16 17:39

Since this was all merged i'm going to close this one. Any additional issues should be tracked in new tickets.

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Ticket #12471 (Web+ crash while uploading to dropbox (websockets)) closed

Sun, 2016-10-16 17:05

Confirmed, also fixes github.

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Ticket #13003 (Drawing issue when selecting text in text input on Github) closed

Sun, 2016-10-16 14:30

It is. Sorry, I missed that... Interesting though, at github the phenomenon only shows in an editable text field, there's no issue highlighting text in an existing comment by someone. The amazon page, linked to in this ticket, shows it in un-editable text. Anyway, closing as duplicate.

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Ticket #12992 (Can't upload files at GMail) closed

Sun, 2016-10-16 13:47

Most likely duplicate of #12510, this seems to work in the current development build of WebKit.

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Ticket #12952 (Issue Building on MacOS-X w/ DEBUG=1) closed

Sun, 2016-10-16 09:37

Applied a variant using the "real" printchar.c from GNU regexp in hrev50594.

No need for using a newer implementation for now, even if it would be nice to move away from a GPL implementation here.

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Ticket #13003 (Drawing issue when selecting text in text input on Github) created

Sun, 2016-10-16 08:02

This is hrev50574.

When writing a comment at Github for a PR, for example, there's an issue when selecting the text you've entered. Attached is a video of it (the playback is very slow, which I think is a BeScreenCapture issue...).

Categories: Development

Ticket #13002 (Parse URLs Without Requiring Group-Capable Regex) created

Sat, 2016-10-15 10:28

See #12952 for background.

At present, the BUrl class requires a "group capable" regex engine to be linked in order that it is able to parse URLs. This is because it uses the groups in the regex to pull out the components. This causes problems on some systems (eg; Mac) where the built-in regex library does not offer these features.

This patch re-implements the URL parsing so that it no longer uses regex pattern matching to extract the parts. Hopefully this will, in turn, mean that the Mac build no longer requires the GNU regex library. At least it will be a step in that direction.

As part of this work, I also noted that the parsing of URLs with IPv6 hosts was not working so I have also re-implemented the "authority" parse algorithm such that it is able to cope with IPv6 URLs.

I also have also implemented a number of unit tests at the same time.

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Ticket #12998 (app_server crash) closed

Sat, 2016-10-15 06:39
not reproducible
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Ticket #12998 (app_server crash) reopened

Sat, 2016-10-15 06:38

I've added a status "not reproducible". Let's try it out...

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Ticket #12998 (app_server crash) closed

Fri, 2016-10-14 22:03

This is a heap corruption issue, so unfortunately, the backtrace alone is not sufficient to debug it any further. I'll close this ticket, as you said, but if you see it again and can create a core file, please reopen it.

p.s. I think we need another ticket status for cases like this, something like "can't reproduce". Marking it "invalid" doesn't seem quite right here...

Categories: Development

Ticket #13001 (LocaleKit CatalogStub: static initializer order undefined) created

Fri, 2016-10-14 06:51

in ​

static BCatalog sCatalog;

is used by:

	#if (__GNUC__ < 3)
		asm volatile(".hidden GetCatalog__13BLocaleRoster");
		asm volatile(".hidden _ZN13BLocaleRoster10GetCatalogEv");
	return _GetCatalog(&sCatalog, &sCatalogInitOnce);

The BCatalog constructor might be called after the constructor of other compilation units, whose globals happen to use BLocaleRoster::GetCatalog(), for instance ​

static const BCharacterSet unicode(0,106, B_TRANSLATE("Unicode"),
	"UTF-8", "UTF-8",unicodeAliases);

For reference

#define B_TRANSLATE(string) \
	BLocaleRoster::Default()->GetCatalog()->GetString((string), \

One solution: move "static BCatalog sCatalog;" in BLocaleRoster::GetCatalog(), this becomes a local static variable, the constructor will be called one time on first call.

Reproduced with binutils 2.26.1 configured with --enable-initfini-array, or binutils 2.27 (which defaults to --enable-initfini-array).

Categories: Development

Ticket #13000 (Column headers in icon view mode) created

Thu, 2016-10-13 14:14

This is hrev50574.

Try this:

  • create a folder.
  • open the folder and set to icon view mode. OK so far.
  • close the window and re-open the folder:

There are now column headers that should only be there in list view mode, of course. Right-clicking into the header shows the familiar context menu. Adding/removing an attribute crashes Tracker (report attached).

Categories: Development

Ticket #12999 (Release notes / R1 Beta 1) created

Wed, 2016-10-12 14:59

Release notes need to be created for R1 Beta 1 when we get close to a release.

We'll also track known issues here to be included in the release notes.

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Ticket #12998 (app_server crash) created

Tue, 2016-10-11 18:10

This is hrev50574.

Had app_server crash, see the syslog snippet below. Next time I'll try to get a core file...
(Please, someone add the important keyword from this syslog to the summary of the ticket. I don't know what's significant. Also close the ticket, if the info is too vague to be of help...)

KERN: 808: DEBUGGER: _numAvailable <= _numBlocks
KERN: debug_server: Thread 808 entered the debugger: Debugger call: `_numAvailable <= _numBlocks'
KERN: vm_soft_fault: va 0x1d020000 not covered by area in address space
KERN: vm_page_fault: vm_soft_fault returned error 'Bad address' on fault at 0x1d020000, ip 0x18998d4, write 1, user 1, thread 0x3e97
KERN: vm_page_fault: thread "w:902:offscreen" (16023) in team "app_server" (673) tried to write address 0x1d020000, ip 0x18998d4 ("app_server_seg0ro" +0x1178d4)
KERN: stack trace, current PC 0x618f4114  commpage_syscall + 0x4:
KERN:   (0x70cf7f20)  0x25ab6cd  __assert_fail + 0x51
KERN:   (0x70cf7f50)  0x2623694  isValid__Q28BPrivate10superblock + 0x60
KERN:   (0x70cf7f80)  0x262198d  malloc__Q28BPrivate10threadHeapUl + 0x199
KERN:   (0x70cf7fe0)  0x26224d6  malloc + 0x17a
KERN:   (0x70cf8010)  0x262327c  realloc + 0x110
KERN:   (0x70cf8040)  0xf83297  _SetSize__7BRegionl + 0x9b
KERN:   (0x70cf8070)  0xf83a70  miRegionOp__Q27BRegion7SupportP7BRegionPC7BRegionT2PFP7BRegionP13clipping_rectP13clipping_rectP13clipping_rectP13clipping_rectii_iPFP7BRegionP13clipping_rectP13clipping_rectii_iT5 + 0x64
KERN:   (0x70cf80c0)  0xf838aa  XIntersectRegion__Q27BRegion7SupportPC7BRegionT1P7BRegion + 0x66
KERN:   (0x70cf8100)  0xf83072  IntersectWith__7BRegionPC7BRegion + 0x32
KERN:   (0x70cf8160)  0x1848295  VisibleContentRegion__6Window + 0x41
KERN:   (0x70cf81a0)  0x1849883  InvalidateView__6WindowP4ViewR7BRegion + 0x22f
KERN:   (0x70cf8268)  0x1838fa1  _DispatchViewMessage__12ServerWindowlRQ28BPrivate12LinkReceiver + 0x3099
KERN:   (0x70cf85a8)  0x1835e16  _DispatchMessage__12ServerWindowlRQ28BPrivate12LinkReceiver + 0x12ce
KERN:   (0x70cf86d8)  0x1840f60  _MessageLooper__12ServerWindow + 0x258
KERN:   (0x70cf8758)  0x181542c  _message_thread__13MessageLooperPv + 0x28
KERN:   (0x70cf8788)  0x25a3383  thread_entry + 0x23
KERN: 761: DEBUGGER: _numAvailable <= _numBlocks
KERN: vm_soft_fault: va 0x75676000 not covered by area in address space
KERN: vm_page_fault: vm_soft_fault returned error 'Bad address' on fault at 0x75676572, ip 0x185efab, write 0, user 1, thread 0x23b2
KERN: vm_page_fault: thread "a:9135:x-vnd.Ink-Vision" (9138) in team "app_server" (673) tried to read address 0x75676572, ip 0x185efab ("app_server_seg0ro" +0xdcfab)
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Ticket #12997 (Scrolling artefacts in Tracker when in list mode) created

Mon, 2016-10-10 20:58

I am not sure how to catagorize this so please just place it where it should be.

I have a strange issue in Tracker when I have to scrool vertically with more itmes in the windows then are currently visable. As I scrool some of the names become cut off at the top. I tried to get a screenshot but the act of taking the screenshot seems to refresh and I can't get a screen shot. I could get a video. see attatched.

Categories: Development

Ticket #10296 (Debugger not useable in non-interactive mode) closed

Sun, 2016-10-09 20:00
no change required:

Well, this was solved in a cleaner way with the debug_server settings. No need to automate things in this hacky way anymore.

Categories: Development