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Ticket #12148 (64 bit boot intermittently hangs on rocket icon) closed

Tue, 2015-08-18 20:37

There's a newer issue that has more info than this one, closing as duplicate.

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Ticket #12314 ([Installer] Text is cut off) closed

Tue, 2015-08-18 14:42
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Ticket #12315 (Hiding volume control crashes Deskbar) created

Tue, 2015-08-18 14:11

Uncheck Show volume control on Deskbar:

Deskbar now crashes, see attached report.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12313 (Black screen with 6470M) created

Mon, 2015-08-17 20:51

Haiku revision - 49554.
I'm getting black screen after boot when using radeon_hd with my 6470M/6520G APU
Syslog is attached

Categories: Development

Ticket #11439 (KDL on first boot (hrev48257 x86_gcc2)) closed

Mon, 2015-08-17 14:57

Thanks for reporting!

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Ticket #12312 ([app_server] sometimes doesn't redraw modal windows) created

Mon, 2015-08-17 13:27


  • Install quicklaunch-0.9.11-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg which has ​this change.
  • Launch it
  • Click Setup and Add..
  • Close Setup window and then file panel
  • Click Setup and Add..

Setup window will not be drawn properly.

Categories: Development

Ticket #4056 ([app_server] switching workspaces doesn't properly redraw selection) closed

Mon, 2015-08-17 13:16

Can't reproduce anymore.

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Ticket #12311 (USB drive in NTFS call crash) closed

Mon, 2015-08-17 13:09
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Ticket #12311 (USB drive in NTFS call crash) created

Mon, 2015-08-17 12:52

When you delete a large number of files from a USB drive such an error happens . Flash card is 8gb - A-Data in ntfs.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12310 (ICMP errors don't seem to be correctly propagated in all cases) created

Sun, 2015-08-16 18:54

Typically, errors like ICMP host unreachable appear to get propagated back as failures to the respective socket client, i.e. when attempting a TCP connection. However, in the case of a direct ICMP user like the ping command, this doesn't appear to occur properly, as it has code to detect/handle ICMP error replies and print them, but this doesn't seem to actually get triggered when running a ping to such an unreachable host on Haiku, while it does when pinging from FreeBSD to the same target host and the same ping code.

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Ticket #12309 (CD Manager app crashes in Haiku) created

Sun, 2015-08-16 15:14

CD Manager application crashes in Haiku.
Attached syslog and a pair of debugger reports.
Tested using hrev49552 x86_gcc2

Categories: Development

Ticket #12308 ([HaikuDepot] cancelling installing deps leaves package in pending state) created

Sun, 2015-08-16 14:31


Search for "qb", select qBittorrent and click install.
In "Package changes" window with "torrent-rasterbar" package click cancel.
qBittorrent package now is in "pending" state.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12307 ([HaikuDepot] crashed in SharedBitmap::Bitmap(SharedBitmap::Size)) created

Sun, 2015-08-16 14:23


I closed HaikuDepot with Alt+q while FeaturedPackagesView was being populated which made it crash.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12306 (Haiku won't shutdown) created

Sun, 2015-08-16 00:01

Recent builds of Haiku will often be very slow to shutdown.
Today, it wouldn't shutdown at all.
Syslogs attached.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12305 (MediaPlayer does not quit) created

Sat, 2015-08-15 20:42

Played a video file in MediaPlayer
After conclusion of the video, I quit MediaPlayer
MediaPlayer continues running in taskbar
I attached a debug report to the running app
Had to kill MediaPlayer from Team Monitor to stop it.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12304 ([kernel] slow performance with no hardware virtualization) created

Sat, 2015-08-15 15:20

Some commits made by mmlr in ​December 2011 resulted in poor performance when Haiku is run in virtual environment with disabled hardware virtualization.

We even provided custom images built with KDEBUG_LEVEL=0 for some CGI students, otherwise Haiku was simply too slow for them in VBox.

Quoting Michael from IRC:

If it was introduced with the allocation tracking commits then it'd be a side effect or bug introduced, as the main feature isn't enabled even in KDEBUG.

Instead of searching through the commits you could also disable the features one by one in the kernel_debug_config header and see which one is responsible.

They can generally all be individually turned on and off.

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