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Ticket #12732 (Regression with GMA3150 graphics) created

Wed, 2016-04-27 03:07

My machine is an ASUS eee pc 1015px with an Intel Atom N570 and GMA3150 graphics. Builds prior to and including hrev50194 are working fine with no issues but builds after this fail to boot, halting at the rocket icon on the splash screen. Changing to fail safe graphics and safe mode don't appear to have any effect.

Builds hrev50256 and hrev50252 both however garble the splash screen after all the boot icons are highlighted, and even though the screen is unresponsive and glitched, it seems as though the system has loaded since pressing the power button appears to initiate the shutdown sequence.

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Ticket #12729 ([Debugger] Add some missing features with respect to core filesupport) closed

Wed, 2016-04-27 02:44

Added necessary supporting hooks and write-core CLI command in hrev50258. This completes the items mentioned in this ticket. There are still a few other core-related UI quirks remaining though, that should probably be addressed in their own ticket. Most notably, when debugging a core, the thread state is currently marked as 'Debugged', and consequently the UI thinks one can happily run/step such threads. I'd suggest adding a new thread state such as, say, THREAD_STATE_AUTOPSY to mark such threads so the UI has a way to discriminate that thread control is entirely unavailable, and disable the buttons accordingly.

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Ticket #12731 (Implement deinterlacing using ffmpeg 3.x) created

Tue, 2016-04-26 08:28

ffmpeg 3.x deprecates the deinterlacing API.

It needs to be reimplemented using libavfilter. See ​TODO

An example: ​

I don't know how to test this feature though. x86 and x86_64 have already ffmpeg 3.x as default.

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Ticket #12730 ([regression] Deskbar locks on boot) created

Mon, 2016-04-25 20:27

hrev50229 x86 and x86_64. VirtualBox 5.0.18.

KERN: USER: User command requested kernel debugger.
KERN: Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land...
KERN: Thread 688 "kernel_debugger" running on CPU 1
KERN: kdebug> bt[1D[1D[1D[1Dteamsteam                   id  parent              name
KERN: 0xffffffff820bf000      1  0x0000000000000000  kernel_team
KERN: 0xffffffff820be600    199  0xffffffff820bf000  launch_daemon
KERN: 0xffffffff820ba000    202  0xffffffff820be600  app_server
KERN: 0xffffffff820b8200    205  0xffffffff820be600  net_server
KERN: 0xffffffff820b7800    206  0xffffffff820be600  debug_server
KERN: 0xffffffff820b6e00    207  0xffffffff820be600  mount_server
KERN: 0xffffffff820b6400    208  0xffffffff820be600  package_daemon
KERN: 0xffffffff820b5000    209  0xffffffff820be600  power_daemon
KERN: 0xffffffff820b4600    210  0xffffffff820be600  registrar
KERN: 0xffffffff820b5a00    211  0xffffffff820be600  syslog_daemon
KERN: 0xffffffff820b2800    242  0xffffffff820be600  launch_daemon
KERN: 0xffffffff820b0a00    252  0xffffffff820ba000  input_server
KERN: 0xffffffff89fbf008    263  0xffffffff820be600  media_server
KERN: 0xffffffff89fbbe08    282  0xffffffff820be600  notification_server
KERN: 0xffffffff89fbaa08    290  0xffffffff820b8200  sshd
KERN: 0xffffffff89fba008    292  0xffffffff89fbf008  media_addon_server
KERN: 0xffffffff89fbb408    299  0xffffffff820b2800  Tracker
KERN: 0xffffffff89fbd208    314  0xffffffff820b2800  Deskbar
KERN: 0xffffffff89fb9608    377  0xffffffff89fbb408  Terminal
KERN: 0xffffffff89fb8c08    382  0xffffffff89fb9608  bash
KERN: 0xffffffff89fb7808    688  0xffffffff89fb8c08  kernel_debugger
KERN: kdebug> threads 314thread                 id  state     wait for  object              cpu pri  stack              team  name
KERN: 0xffffffff89fecba0    314  waiting   cvar      0xffffffff89f4c688    -  10  0xffffffff81410000  314  Deskbar
KERN: 0xffffffff89fe94a0    337  zzz                                       -   5  0xffffffff86662000  314  Expando Window Watcher
KERN: 0xffffffff89fea520    340  waiting   cvar      0xffffffff8a04a888    -  15  0xffffffff86671000  314  w>Twitcher
KERN: 0xffffffff89fe8f20    341  waiting   cvar      0xffffffff8a01e1b0    -  15  0xffffffff86676000  314  w>Deskbar
KERN: 0xffffffff89fe4220    358  waiting   cvar      0xffffffff8a0fb088    -  20  0xffffffff866f1000  314  _BMediaRoster_
KERN: kdebug> bt 358[Kstack trace for thread 358 "_BMediaRoster_"
KERN:     kernel stack: 0xffffffff866f1000 to 0xffffffff866f6000
KERN:       user stack: 0x00007f65f4ba0000 to 0x00007f65f4be0000
KERN: frame                       caller             <image>:function + offset
KERN:  0 ffffffff866f5d00 (+ 112) ffffffff8009001c   <kernel_x86_64> reschedule(int) + 0xa64
KERN:  1 ffffffff866f5d70 (+  32) ffffffff80090a5e   <kernel_x86_64> scheduler_reschedule + 0x6c
KERN:  2 ffffffff866f5d90 (+  80) ffffffff80081757   <kernel_x86_64> thread_block_with_timeout + 0x186
KERN:  3 ffffffff866f5de0 (+  64) ffffffff800529ed   <kernel_x86_64> ConditionVariableEntry::Wait(unsigned int, long) + 0xc3
KERN:  4 ffffffff866f5e20 (+ 160) ffffffff8006810e   <kernel_x86_64> _get_port_message_info_etc + 0xfb
KERN:  5 ffffffff866f5ec0 (+  48) ffffffff800682da   <kernel_x86_64> port_buffer_size_etc + 0x1b
KERN:  6 ffffffff866f5ef0 (+  48) ffffffff8006936c   <kernel_x86_64> _user_port_buffer_size_etc + 0x75
KERN:  7 ffffffff866f5f20 (+  24) ffffffff80135125   <kernel_x86_64> x86_64_syscall_entry + 0xfb
KERN: user iframe at 0xffffffff866f5f38 (end = 0xffffffff866f6000)
KERN:  rax 0xd8                  rbx 0x1f5f1a19f40         rcx 0x59337edd1c
KERN:  rdx 0x7fffffffffffffff    rsi 0x8                   rdi 0xca
KERN:  rbp 0x7f65f4bdfa70         r8 0x7fffffffffffffff     r9 0xb
KERN:  r10 0x59337edd29          r11 0x3202                r12 0x1f5f1a19f40
KERN:  r13 0x7fffffffffffffff    r14 0x7f65f4bdfabc        r15 0x7f65f4bdfb08
KERN:  rip 0x59337edd1c          rsp 0x7f65f4bdfa68     rflags 0x3202
KERN:  vector: 0x63, error code: 0x0
KERN:  8 ffffffff866f5f38 (+140077914037048) 00000059337edd1c   <> _kern_port_buffer_size_etc + 0x0c
KERN:  9 00007f65f4bdfa70 (+  48) 0000009852cece06   <> BLooper::ReadRawFromPort(int*, long) + 0x26
KERN: 10 00007f65f4bdfaa0 (+  48) 0000009852cece8c   <> BLooper::ReadMessageFromPort(long) + 0x1a
KERN: 11 00007f65f4bdfad0 (+  16) 0000009852cececf   <> BLooper::MessageFromPort(long) + 0x09
KERN: 12 00007f65f4bdfae0 (+  96) 0000009852cee1de   <> BLooper::task_looper() + 0x6a
KERN: 13 00007f65f4bdfb40 (+  32) 0000009852cecd1b   <> BLooper::_task0_(void*) + 0x21
KERN: 14 00007f65f4bdfb60 (+  32) 00000059337ecbbc   <> _thread_do_exit_work (nearest) + 0x70
KERN: 15 00007f65f4bdfb80 (+   0) 00007fdbece1c260   <commpage> commpage_thread_exit + 0x00
KERN: kdebug> bt 341stack trace for thread 341 "w>Deskbar"
KERN:     kernel stack: 0xffffffff86676000 to 0xffffffff8667b000
KERN:       user stack: 0x00007f28ec420000 to 0x00007f28ec460000
KERN: frame                       caller             <image>:function + offset
KERN:  0 ffffffff8667acc0 (+ 112) ffffffff8009001c   <kernel_x86_64> reschedule(int) + 0xa64
KERN:  1 ffffffff8667ad30 (+  32) ffffffff80090a5e   <kernel_x86_64> scheduler_reschedule + 0x6c
KERN:  2 ffffffff8667ad50 (+  80) ffffffff80081757   <kernel_x86_64> thread_block_with_timeout + 0x186
KERN:  3 ffffffff8667ada0 (+  64) ffffffff800529ed   <kernel_x86_64> CoKERN: nditionVariableEntry::Wait(unsigned int, long) + 0xc3
KERN:  4 ffffffff8667ade0 (+ 208) ffffffff80068983   <kernel_x86_64> writev_port_etc + 0x141
KERN:  5 ffffffff8667aeb0 (+ 112) ffffffff800695c9   <kernel_x86_64> _user_write_port_etc + 0xcd
KERN:  6 ffffffff8667af20 (+  24) ffffffff80135125   <kernel_x86_64> x86_64_syscall_entry + 0xfb
KERN: user iframe at 0xffffffff8667af38 (end = 0xffffffff8667b000)
KERN:  rax 0xdc                  rbx 0x6de4                rcx 0x59337edd5c
KERN:  rdx 0x7f28ec45ea80        rsi 0x601                 rdi 0xa8
KERN:  rbp 0x7f28ec45e9b0         r8 0x8                    r9 0xe4e1c0
KERN:  r10 0xc                   r11 0x3206                r12 0xa8
KERN:  r13 0x7f28ec45ea80        r14 0x7f28ec45ea70        r15 0x601
KERN:  rip 0x59337edd5c          rsp 0x7f28ec45e9a8     rflags 0x3206
KERN:  vector: 0x63, error code: 0x0
KERN:  7 ffffffff8667af38 (+139815779449464) 00000059337edd5c   <> _kern_write_port_etc + 0x0c
KERN:  8 00007f28ec45e9b0 (+  96) 000001443e9711f5   <> BPrivate::media::dataexchange::QueryPort(int, int, BPrivate::media::request_data*, unsigned long, BPrivate::media::reply_data*, unsigned long) + 0x36
KERN:  9 00007f28ec45ea10 (+ 176) 000001443e95eb09   <> BMediaRoster::GetParameterWebFor(media_node const&, BParameterWeb**) + 0x127
KERN: 10 00007f28ec45eac0 (+ 128) 000001ac5ac416f0   <_APP_> MixerControl::Connect(int, float*, char const**) + 0xc6
KERN: 11 00007f28ec45eb40 (+ 128) 000001ac5ac40290   <_APP_> MediaReplicant::Pulse() + 0x3e
KERN: 12 00007f28ec45ebc0 (+  32) 0000009852d924fa   <> BView::_Pulse() + 0x24
KERN: 13 00007f28ec45ebe0 (+  32) 0000009852d9250e   <> BView::_Pulse() + 0x38
KERN: 14 00007f28ec45ec00 (+  32) 0000009852d9250e   <> BView::_Pulse() + 0x38
KERN: 15 00007f28ec45ec20 (+  32) 0000009852d9250e   <> BView::_Pulse() + 0x38
KERN: 16 00007f28ec45ec40 (+  32) 0000009852d9250e   <> BView::_Pulse() + 0x38
KERN: 17 00007f28ec45ec60 (+ 800) 0000009852da6eef   <> BWindow::DispatchMessage(BMessage*, BHandler*) + 0xed3
KERN: 18 00007f28ec45ef80 (+ 160) 0000009852da1297   <> BWindow::task_looper() + 0x267
KERN: 19 00007f28ec45f020 (+  32) 0000009852cecd1b   <> BLooper::_task0_(void*) + 0x21
KERN: 20 00007f28ec45f040 (+  32) 00000059337ecbbc   <> _thread_do_exit_work (nearest) + 0x70
KERN: 21 00007f28ec45f060 (+   0) 00007fdbece1c260   <commpage> commpage_thread_exit + 0x00
KERN: kdebug> cont
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Ticket #12729 ([Debugger] Add some missing features with respect to core filesupport) created

Mon, 2016-04-25 13:00

With the recent addition of corefile support to the system and Debugger, one or two extra pieces would be handy:

  • Currently, one can only specify loading a corefile via a command line switch. Ideally, one should be able to do so graphically as well. Probably the most straightforward path would be adding a button to do so to the Teams window as an additional alternative to attach / start new team.
  • A CLI command to request a core dump of the currently attached team is needed, as in the case of an app_server/registrar crash this would be highly desirable, as it'd provide more useful crash analysis capabilities than the current reports.
Categories: Development

Ticket #12728 (xhci: invalid max scratchpad) closed

Sat, 2016-04-23 17:57

resolved via hrev50246.

1.1 spec bumped to 36. We actually are looking at number of scratch pads, but we had a low limit of 32 (which was the actual 1.0 count)

hrev50246 increased the maximum to a sane 48

Categories: Development

Ticket #12728 (xhci: invalid max scratchpad) created

Sat, 2016-04-23 05:06

In our driver, xhci scratchpads are fixed number, while later xhci 1.1 specs bumped them up. This results in an "Invalid number of scratchpads" error at boot.

xhci scratchpads need to be variable:




Categories: Development

Ticket #7660 (Prop #8 WiFi (WPA,WPA2 encryption)) closed

Fri, 2016-04-22 08:47

Sure, actually already before that; the feature has been implemented. Eventual bugs should be handled in their own tickets.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12727 (Massive memory leak in kernel?) closed

Fri, 2016-04-22 08:43

This combines the actual memory use as well as the use of system caches. It's beneficial to use as much RAM as possible, and that's what Haiku is doing as well -- if an application needs it, it's still available for it.

In any case, without more detailed information, this just looks ordinary, and how it should be.

Categories: Development

Ticket #8647 (Booting pauses for 1.25 minutes with SATA AHCI mode) closed

Fri, 2016-04-22 07:00

Thanks for reporting!

Categories: Development

Ticket #12727 (Massive memory leak in kernel?) created

Thu, 2016-04-21 13:50

This is just a report from a novice in such things, but I thought you'd want to know that I'm seeing, in hrev50163, what looks like massive kernel leaking, as I view it in ProcessController.


As I watch in ProcessController, the number just seems to keep climbing. I'm testing on several PCs, and on one of them, it's approaching 1 gigabyte now.

Categories: Development

Ticket #12726 ([GLife] crashes in _mesa_resize_framebuffer) created

Wed, 2016-04-20 07:59


GLife crashes after walking through the list of screensavers up and down.

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Ticket #11243 (media player problem) closed

Wed, 2016-04-20 00:48

This is another variant of #12448, follow the instructions there to temporarily fix it.

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Ticket #12725 (Haiku x86 build stops at libsolv) closed

Tue, 2016-04-19 19:10
Categories: Development

Ticket #12725 (Haiku x86 build stops at libsolv) created

Tue, 2016-04-19 03:26

Just downloaded and JAM'd the latest Haiku x86 revision tonight (4/18/16). And it stops, at the point it is trying to download libsolv, doing a wget procedure or something. Says "NO_HAIKU_DOWNLOAD_PERMITTED" or something. I know this is rather vague, but hoping someone else has run into this, so they know what I'm talking about. I can try to get an image from my Haiku system (I'm writing this in the house on a Win10 laptop) later on, if necessary.

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Ticket #12724 (Image File) closed

Mon, 2016-04-18 18:38

Yumi currently doesn't seem to accommodate installing Haiku. Feel free to bring it up with the Yumi developers, there is nothing wrong with the iso file in question.

For support questions, please use the Haiku general mailing list or IRC instead.

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Ticket #12724 (Image File) created

Mon, 2016-04-18 09:45

See attached File,

i wonder if there is a problem with iso-File-image
(no correct format / structure).


used programm, yumi under windows & last nightly (50226-x86_64-cd)

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Ticket #12713 ("Momen tary" KDL at boot) reopened

Mon, 2016-04-18 01:38

I've done considerably more testing, and I'm convinced this is not related to #12412.
The other KDL is reported as only hsppening on the first boot after an install; this one is reproducible at will. The "soft_fault" that I consistently see (shown in the syslog excerpt above) does not appear anywhere in the #12412 syslogs. The fact that the KDL is momentary is also totally consistent -- and totally strange to me!

I have established fairly solidly that it only happens if I move the mouse during boot. If I don't touch it, the boot is always OK.

I noticed that the fault is always just preceded by loading the wacom driver, so I tried installing an old pre-PM copy (that has never given any trouble) in non-packaged... It made no difference to the crash (though it seems to work just as well).

I hadn't been using my Wacom, but I plugged it in this time, and found that moving the pen has exactly the same effect as moving the mouse. OTOH I haven't been able to cause a crash by activating the laptop's TrackPad. Both the mouse and Wacom are USB, so maybe the problem is somewhere in that area.

Reopening the ticket...

[BTW I still have to use my custom Wacom Intuos device (not the driver), because my submitted patch #4847 of a few years ago is still hanging...!]

Categories: Development

Ticket #12488 (media-add_on server) closed

Sat, 2016-04-16 11:09

Firewire-0 duplicate, please refer to #12448.

Categories: Development