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Ticket #12437 ([Tracker] Get info window doesn't update Location) created

Wed, 2015-10-28 21:48


Moving folder to Trash while having Get info window open for this folder doesn't update Location link.

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Ticket #11474 (haikuporter --do-bootstrap fails) closed

Wed, 2015-10-28 20:55

The initial problem is fixed for me: python_bootstrap now provides the required modules to run haikuporter, plus the socket module needed for running the bootstrap_daemon python script. Improvements are still possible, but not that useful atm.

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Ticket #12436 (BMediaTrack()::ReadFrames() polluted after Seeking MP3) created

Wed, 2015-10-28 17:10

See attached sample. Here's an outline of what it does:


  • ReadFrames()
  • dump bytes
  • SeekToTime( time 0 ) (SeekToFrame() also triggers the bug)
  • ReadFrames()
  • dump bytes : they are badly corrupted ! (not at all like those returned by a "fresh" BMediaTrack)

It seems the 'corruption' is not quite random, the buffer seems to be filled with average values (old buffer + new buffer / 2). For instance if you read only one buffer's worth of data (instead of 22 as in my sample) and the data is 0x0 through and through, doing a Seek and then ReadFrames() again will still return a buffer filled with 0x0's as it should. But if you went farther along in the audio file and your last read buffer had high volume samples, seeking back to the (silent) beginning of the file will no longer yield 0x0s but medium'ish samples instead.

Workaround 1 is to discard the BMediaFile object and re-instantiate it before seeking (too expensive).

Workaround 2 is to keep the BMediaFile and BMediaTrack, but throw away the contents returned by the first 2 ReadFrames() calls as it seems they are the only ones "polluted".... Not a great solution, would love to see ReadFrames() be fixed to start with :-)

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Ticket #12435 ([pkgman] check for free disk space) created

Tue, 2015-10-27 18:31
  1. Boot Haiku
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Type either 'pkgman update' or 'pkgman full-sync'
  4. Respond 'yes' to update
  5. Watch it fail at 59% (see screenshot)

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Ticket #6834 (add spinner widget [PATCH]) closed

Tue, 2015-10-27 18:19

Yes we can close this one now.

Spinner widget added in hrev49568

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Ticket #12434 (Building unittests fails) closed

Tue, 2015-10-27 18:01

Patch applied in hrev49729

(test is WIP)

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Ticket #12434 (Building unittests fails) created

Tue, 2015-10-27 11:00

This morning jam -q -j2 unittests fails with

src/tests/servers/launch/UtilityTest.cpp: In static member function 'static void UtilityTest::AddTests(BTestSuite&)':
src/tests/servers/launch/UtilityTest.cpp:53:38: error: 'TestEmpty' is not a member of 'UtilityTest'
   "UtilityTest::TestTranslatePath", &UtilityTest::TestEmpty));

This looks like a copy-and-paste error in ​d9bb9513c5e9b36cd4761fffb6f59e141c8aa692; the line ought to read

   "UtilityTest::TestTranslatePath", &UtilityTest::TestTranslatePath));

Continuing, the build fails again with

/(...)/generated/objects/haiku/x86_64/release/tests/servers/launch/Conditions.o: In function `NetworkAvailableCondition::Test(ConditionContext&) const':
Conditions.cpp:(.text+0x488): undefined reference to `NetworkWatcher::NetworkAvailable(bool)'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Here the Jamfile changes in ​5f2abaf7df37f5e2e6cab5dffeed209e89759e07 need to be applied to the unit tests as well.

With these two changes the build completes for me. I'm attaching a patch with the fixes.

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Ticket #12020 ([Patch] Fix GCC 5 maybe-uninitialized warnings) closed

Mon, 2015-10-26 20:15

Applied in hrev49727. Thanks!

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Ticket #11992 ([Patch] Fix GCC 5 logical-not-parentheses warnings.) closed

Mon, 2015-10-26 18:12

These have already been fixed in existing code, sorry for not merging your patch earlier.

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Ticket #11990 ([Patch] GCC 5 build fix.) closed

Mon, 2015-10-26 18:05

Applied everything that was not done yet in hrev49726.

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Ticket #11453 (web+ reproducibly crashes on a URL) closed

Mon, 2015-10-26 15:19

Nice, doesn't crash anymore! Closing as fixed.

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Ticket #12433 ([Interface Kit] ability to move windows using menu bar) created

Mon, 2015-10-26 07:48

In a video of a ​​blind walkthrough a guy is trying to move windows by their menu bars. I think it might be quite handy.

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Ticket #12432 (Unmounting bfs partition KDL) closed

Mon, 2015-10-26 07:28
Categories: Development

Ticket #11536 (Webpositive Downloading) closed

Mon, 2015-10-26 05:14

Thanks for the feedback.

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Ticket #12432 (Unmounting bfs partition KDL) created

Mon, 2015-10-26 01:04

hrev49721 x86_gcc2
Mount bfs partition
copy folder to mounted partition
after file copy complete unmount bfs partition
photo attached

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Ticket #11376 (Spiegel-online freezes Web+ when scrolling down) closed

Sun, 2015-10-25 21:02
no change required:

Ok, I think fixing issues for old version of pages is not that useful, so closing this.

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