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How to connect to the Internet through a Windows Proxy

As i discovered recently, WebPositive is unable to authenticate to a Microsoft proxy, as such proxies use a proprietary protocol named NTLM. So I came to an easy solution : Download NTLMAPS (from another computer of course) : it is a tiny Python script able to talk to a Microsoft proxy Edit the script to replace the string /usr/bin/python by /bin/python Configure the server.cfg file with your domain/username/password Put a link to main.

BeGeistert 029 coding sprint report

Hello world, The autumn leaves are falling, which sets the perfect mood for... The yearly coding sprint! The room was not too crowded this year, to say the least. We started the week with Jonathan (js), Olivier (oco), François (mmu_man), Jérôme (korli), but they all left on monday and tuesday, leaving just Jua and me for the end of the week. The sprint was still productive, and quite a lot of progress was made, especially on the web browser.

Localizing an application

Depending on the kind of application, localization can become much more than having the strings that appear in the GUI available in different languages. If you came to learn about those more in-depth techniques, dealing with formatting and using ICU etc., this isn't the article you seek... This article discusses the relatively simple problem of localizing an app's GUI strings. 1. Changes to the source code The needed changes to the source code are minimal.

Setting up a software repository

Having the official repository, HaikuPorts, is nice, but not all software fits there.

For example, some software is made with the yab buildfactory and the author does not want to distribute it in source code, even if it is open source. Some is just easier to package using the package command and not haikuporter.

This does not prevent the software from being listed in HaikuDepot.


The following organisations are the driving force behind the open source development of Haiku: Haiku, Inc. Haiku, Inc. Is a US based Not-for-Profit Organization that was founded in July of 2003 by the founder, long time leader, and visionary of the Haiku Project, Michael Phipps. Its aim is to support the Haiku Project and to further the development of the operating system and its online community. Find out more about Haiku, Inc.

Community Initiatives

The HaikuProject is proud to work with other organisations on soical initiatives to get more young people involved in the open source community. Wé believe our track record below, speaks louder than words: Google Summer of Code | Google Inc The Google Summer of Code™ is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Haiku made its debut as a mentoring organization in 2007, and has since been chosen to participate every year.


The standards that govern the Haiku community are similar to the Unwritten Constitutions that govern some countries, where their constitution simply acts as an aggregation of other laws, rather than a standalone constitution. The policies of the HaikuProject are listed below in aggregation: Communication General rules Users are to refrain from delving into discussions about religion, politics, gender, ethnicity, etc. Try to stick to vi vs. emacs for off-topic fun.

Infrastructure Development

Project Areas HaikuProject websites Web Applications HaikuProject websites Trac Plugin: "Test and Commit Patch" functionality Several developers have requested the ability to simply press a button that would trigger an automatic system to test and (conditionally commit) a supplied patch. Trac Plugin: update tracbuildbot plugin The tracbuildbot plugin is a plugin that provides intergration between Trac and the BuildBot build system. BuildBot Plugin: Update BuildBot Bootstrap BuildBot Bootstrap is a set of templates to be used with BuildBot 0.

Application Development

Project Areas 1st Party Development 3rd Party Development Porting Applications 1st Party Updating Mail Haiku provides an innovative Mail management system using the file system database-like features (queries) to efficiently manage the e-mails. While the technology for this is working well, the user interface is rather limited, making it difficult to use the feature up to its full potential. The first part of this task is reworking the code base to adhere to our coding style guidelines and convert the user interface to the Layout Kit, making it work with all font sizes and languages.