[GSOC 2017] TCP optimization Week 4

Blog post by a-star on Sat, 2017-06-24 01:05

Hello everyone. It's been substantial time since I started working on the project and here's the progress report. On the reading end Finally got over with reading the source code. What took it so long was that I first read most of the rfcs, including those I will be implementing even later on, before reading the current code. That kind of helped me not only to understand the code better but to also jot down the areas, where a change would have to be made, as and when encountering them.

[GSOC 2017] TCP optimization_Week #2 & #3

Blog post by a-star on Mon, 2017-05-29 11:24

Hy there! I am writing this blog as a combined report for the past 2 weeks. As I mentioned on the mailing this, I had college exams till 25th. Really hectic. But I have been able to get some work done from then. Community bonding Didn't get a chance to know a lot of them but I did break some conversation with a few people. My short talk with axeld on the IRC got me into knowing the names responsible for the current implementation of TCP in Haiku.

[GSOC 2017] Tcp optimization and fine tuning

Blog post by a-star on Wed, 2017-05-10 13:11

Hello Haiku! My name is Ayush (nick: a-star). I am really glad to have been selected for GSOC 2017 and I will be striving to optimize the tcp implementation of Haiku this summer. A little about me I am in the junior year of computer science and egineering at VITCC, India. I am a profound Linux user. I have gained formal education on the subject while pursuing the Redhat certifications.