My feelings about GSOC and Firewire status

Blog post by absabs on Fri, 2007-08-31 02:36

During this summer I was working under my mentor Jerome Duval’s guidance. This is the first time I tried to be part of the GSOC program. I started reading as many documents about HAIKU as I can find before I was accepted on 11th April. I checked out the haikus’s source and built it and tested it on qemu. I was shocked by its clean and user-friendly desktop. I started reading its source after 1st May.

Today is May 28^_^

Blog post by absabs on Mon, 2007-05-28 02:23

Hi all, My name is JiSheng Zhang. I come from China. I am one of the Haiku’s GSOC2007 students. My work is implementing a FireWire stack with support for mass storage and DV cams. I plan to port the FreeBSD FireWire stack. I will do my development under debian. After google anouncement on April 11, I spent time in building Haiku, running on the real PC and reading the source code of haiku’s PCI and SCSI sub system and other code about driver writing.