Today is May 28^_^

Blog post by absabs on Mon, 2007-05-28 02:23

Hi all,

My name is JiSheng Zhang. I come from China. I am one of the Haiku’s GSOC2007 students. My work is implementing a FireWire stack with support for mass storage and DV cams. I plan to port the FreeBSD FireWire stack. I will do my development under debian.

After google anouncement on April 11, I spent time in building Haiku, running on the real PC and reading the source code of haiku’s PCI and SCSI sub system and other code about driver writing.

I’m eager for the first payment ^_^. So I can buy a second hand pc with IDE disk and a DV cam with 1394. Today is May 28, I will continue to read the remaing source code and begin coding soon.

Sorry for my broken English :(