Google Summer of Code project: Sub-pixel anti-aliasing

Blog post by andrej_spielmann on Wed, 2008-05-14 23:22

Hello Everybody!

My name is Andrej Spielmann and I am the GSoC student who will be implementing anti-aliasing based on LCD sub-pixels to Haiku’s graphics engine (App server, Painter, etc.). Stephan Assmus is going to be my mentor on this project and Oliver Ruiz Dorantes seems to be my backup mentor and an eager investigator to the Slovak language and cuisine :-)

A short introduction of myself: I was born in Slovakia (Bratislava) and I still live there during vacations. During high school I have spent two years in Germany so I can speak German quite fine (Normally I would say very good but there are many Germans around :-). Now I’m studying at the University of Oxford (UK) at a 4-year undergraduate course in Mathematics & Computer Science. After I finish, I would like to go for a PhD somewhere else in Europe (Norway, Switzerland??) or in the USA. I very much like traveling, tourism, hiking and cooking. I’m most probably going to use a part of the GSoC money for a long trip around Russia including a part of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

I have no prior experience with coding for Haiku but I admire it a lot and will be very pleased to get involved with the community. Right now, I’m a little busy preparing for my exams, which take place between 2nd and 19th of June (but quite sparsely distributed, so there should be time for GSoC). I am planning to start working on my project by the end of the next week, hopefully a couple of days before the official starting date to compensate for the time during exams when I won’t be able to fully concentrate on GSoC.

I will be coding on a Mac. I have set up all the compilation tools natively and now I’m able to build a hard disk image that runs in Parallels Desktop. If this turns out to be too slow or obstructing I will be considering other alternatives. Right now the first big challenge for me will be to understand and get familiar with the existing Haiku code that I will be modifying. I will keep you updated on how it is going.

Bye, Andrej

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