Positively Critical: WebPositive and Haiku

Blog post by Animortis on Tue, 2021-08-10 18:55

Few components of Haiku are as important to the operating system and its functionality as the preferred web browser and internal project: WebPositive. In recent days, some users have expressed concern about a “disappearing text” bug, where some text on web pages will disappear for undetermined reasons. This issue is now fixed, but highlights the reason why WebPositive is so important. The history of WebPositive is as intricately woven into Haiku as BeOS was, and has served as a major effort for all the programmers and users of the operating system even as other web browsers are successfully ported, work for a little while, then, unfortunately, lose functionality and are abandoned.

My First Week with Haiku

Blog post by Animortis on Tue, 2021-04-27 09:15

As you boot your first non-Windows, non-Unix system, you may have a moment when you wonder if this thing is going to work. It’s not from the same family of systems you’re used to: It’s Haiku, and it’s totally different and unique. The great part, though, is when it works better than you could’ve possibly imagined. And when I sat down with Haiku last week, I knew I had something special.