[GSoC 2017] Preferences GUI Refactoring - Weekly Report 6

Blog post by anirudhm on Sat, 2017-08-26 02:22

Hello World.

The last coding period of Google Summer of Code is about to end, and it’s time for us to submit a final report. But I thought to conclude the Weekly Reports with this one, covering the changes of this particular period.

Thanks to Brian Hill (Perelandra0x309) for opening issues in the repo, almost all of the issues posted were fixed and closed.

The search now works on related keywords of all System preflets. Related Keywords search for Custom Preflets is in works.

Below is a GIF demonstrating the work so far:

Report 6 work

Up-to-date code is available at the repository: AnirudhMurali/SuperPrefs. Please give it a try in your local system and feel free to open issues in the repository, if there’s any. I’ll be happy to look into them.

That’s it for now. My final wrap-up blog post will come up soon. Thank you for reading. 😄