GSoC: Haiku 2011- SDL Revamp

Blog post by antifinidictor on Mon, 2011-05-02 06:11

This summer, I will be delving into the Haiku implementation of SDL 1.2 and updating it to support SDL 1.3. Since the SDL 1.2 implementation had a number of bugs associated with it, it may be necessary to completely rewrite the implementation.

I currently hold an internship that ends with Spring Quarter in early June. My time up until June 10 will therefore be extremely limited, but I will do my best to make time to work on Haiku. I hope to spend the community bonding period getting to know the Haiku community and discussing the project with my mentor. I also hope to meet or talk with other GSoC developers, particularly the other seven people working on Haiku. Discussing the project with my mentor will help me develop the best strategy and perform initial setup. Meeting and talking with other developers will help me understand the operations of Haiku and how my project fits within the overall Haiku project.

I hope to make progress on setting up my Haiku development environment during the community bonding period as well.