Lesson 23: Polish and Packaging Our Project

Blog post by darkwyrm on Wed, 2010-06-23 00:41

This lesson finishes up the project that the last two have been about: HaikuFortune, a program which randomly chooses and displays a fortune in a window. It’s not a very complicated one, but it exemplifies a reasonably well-coded real-world project. Although it was code complete as of the end of Lesson 22, it was not finished, missing icons and other resources. This concludes the project with adding resources, a basic discussion on source code licensing, and packaging a program for Haiku.

Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 23

This also concludes the Learning to Program With Haiku lesson series. It’s been a good run. Rest assured, though, that this is not the last lesson on Haiku programming that I will write. This series has been intended to turn a motivated power user into a developer using Haiku. It’s been a lot of fun and many people have encouraged me with their kind words regarding it.

Later this summer I will start another yet-to-be-named series which will continue where Learning to Program With Haiku is leaving off and introduce novice and intermediate developers to real coding specifically for Haiku and its nuances, such as multithreaded programming, add-on coding, queries and attributes, Tracker and more.

In the mean time, I am working on revising the lessons into a complete book available for a reasonable price in dead tree and possibly e-book format. These PDF lessons will continue to be freely available and redistributable. More details to come soon.