[GSoC2017: Harfbuzz] Report #3

Hi all, This is my first post during the coding period of GSoC 2017. I have been working on a demo application which renders text using the harfbuzz library.The work on application started before the coding period. You can find the application here. The work on application started before the coding period, but now the application is successfully running(Thanks to stippi!). I pointed out few issues in one of my previous blog post.

[GSoC 2017: Harfbuzz] Week #3 #4 of Community Bond

Hello Everyone, This is my third blog post and the last post on my work during communty bond period. The coding period has officially started! Yay! I have started working on a application that renders text using FreeType and Harfbuzz you can find it here. It has two branches one of them successfully compiles and renders some some text in English using already existing technology in Haiku. The other branch "

[GSoC 2017: Harfbuzz] Week #1 #2 of Community Bond

Hello everyone, As you already know I am working on HarfBuzz Support on Haiku this summer. You can find my introduction post here. In this post I will be you a brief details of my last 2 weeks with Haiku. Getting to know people: Considering the fact I have been in Haiku Community earlier I already knew a lot of members. I just wanted to mention a few who helped in these past 2 weeks.

[GSoc 2017] Adding Harfbuzz support to Haiku

I am Deepanshu(Trac: digib0y IRC:digib0y), I am one of the seven students selected for GSoC this year from Haiku. I will be working to add Harfbuzz support this summer. Quick intro: I am an engineering student of Christ University, India. I am pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. I have been a previous Google Code-In student where I worked with Haiku for the first time, I can recall the first time I ever connected to an IRC channel during GCI 2014; it was both my interest in the GCI task and my attraction to the positive, friendly environment on #haiku that convinced me to continue working with Haiku.