[GSoC 2017: Harfbuzz] Week #1 #2 of Community Bond

Hello everyone,

As you already know I am working on HarfBuzz Support on Haiku this summer. You can find my introduction post here. In this post I will be you a brief details of my last 2 weeks with Haiku.

Getting to know people:

Considering the fact I have been in Haiku Community earlier I already knew a lot of members. I just wanted to mention a few who helped in these past 2 weeks.

Stippi(Stephan): He is one of the coolest guy I have met, apart from questions related to the project. I messaged him with some questions related to my personal computer and guess what? He was happy to help.

PulkoMandy: It wasn't the first time I was communicating with Pulkomandy. I learned more about PulkoMandy in these 2 weeks and trust me, his hands are dirty, dirty with codes. He one of the guy with knowledge of everything related to Haiku.

Humdinger: He is the best when it comes to merging my PR xD

Waddlesplash: Got any issue related to website? Ping him and he will fix it in a gist.

Project update:

I devoted my last two weeks on learning more about Harfbuzz and testing Hindi Language on Haiku.
I promised to share screenshots of Hindi and other languages on various operating systems in my proposal.
This image is self-explainatory and tell you what's wrong with rendering on Haiku right now.

Haiku vs Ubuntu on Rendering

I have also prepared a video which gives details on how this project will help Haiku.

Next Goal: With the help my mentors I will be working on a small application that can render text using Harfbuzz.

Overall, my interest is directly proportional to the learning done in the project. Trust me, right now it is at a steap hike. Thank you for choosing me for this project.