[GSoC2017: Harfbuzz] Report #3

Hi all,

This is my first post during the coding period of GSoC 2017. I have been working on a demo application which renders text using the harfbuzz library.The work on application started before the coding period. You can find the application here.

The work on application started before the coding period, but now the application is successfully running(Thanks to stippi!).

I pointed out few issues in one of my previous blog post. I have used the same words in Hindi for rendering in application. You will see that it is being rendered properly.

I would take the time out and say the rendering is more accurate and better when compared to rendering on Ubuntu 16.04.

I request if anyone here can read in languages in the screenshot below, let me know the feedback on their rendering.

Harfbuzz App Rendering

That is all for now, more blog post with updates coming soon..)