Google Summer of Code Project: Alternate System Timers

Blog post by dustin_howett on Sun, 2008-05-11 00:45

Hello, Everybody! I’m Dustin, the student in the 2008 Summer of Code who is going to implement support for system timers other than the TSC in Haiku.

I’ve been actively tracking (and trying to involve myself in) Haiku’s development for a few months now, but have been passively watching it since Be, Inc. went under and OpenBeOS sprang to life. In that time, I’ve gained a basic understanding of the Be/Haiku API, and of limited parts of the Haiku kernel.

Couple growing kernel knowledge with studying standards documents such as that for the HPET, and I believe I can finish this, or get a very appreciable start on it, over the summer, and plan to stick around long afterwards.

I can be found in #haiku on Freenode, my nickname is DHowett.

Thanks very much, Dustin Howett