File system benchmark suite for Haiku

Blog post by emitrax on Wed, 2008-07-30 10:53

The basic way to run the software is pretty simple. In order to run the suite in single process mode, just hit

bonnie++ -u 0

While, if you want to run it in multiprocesses mode just do the following

bonnie++ -p 3 -u 0
bonnie++ -y -u 0 &
bonnie++ -y -u 0 &
bonnie++ -y -u 0 &

The first command create the ipc key and the semaphores needed to synchronize the 3 processes. As most of you have already guessed, the -p flag is used to specify how many process you want to run bonnie++ with. Bear in mind that none of the process will run until the last one has been started.

You are of course all invited in running some test, as the more test are ran, the more bugs are found, the sooner they will be fixed, the sooner R1 will come out. At least that's the theory! :-)