Haiku SVN: USBKit, Messaging, VMDK

Blog post by engima on Tue, 2007-03-13 08:18

Quick Updates

  • Introduction of USBKit reimplementation
  • Interesting local message passing optimisations
  • VMWare vmdk tools
    • vmdk image generator
    • vmdk jam target: haiku-vmware-image

Full Updates

Kicking off this period was the introduction a reengineered USBKit compatible USB library implementation from Michael Lotz. His library includes a number of features such as 'string getters' for interfaces that will interest USB fans in addition to building fine under R5!

Immediately following the above the usb_webcam driver was updated to reflect the changes, with build fixes and removing Zeta specific code. Subsequently added to the haiku-image target, this could provide some fun for alpha testers.

Those interested in the depths of Haiku message passing should check out Axel's local message passing optimisation, fixing a deadlock with full message queues.

In what will no doubt be a favourite tool of many, Marcus added a vmdk header generator for Haiku image files. Tested under VMWare player 1.0.3 and Linux it is sure to save time for those VMWare users out there. Try using the haiku-vmware-image target to build haiku.vmdk.

For those few interested souls we saw the update of FreeType2 to 2.3.0