Goals for the First Quarter of the GSoC 2011

Blog post by gabrielhartmann on Mon, 2011-05-30 06:03

In the community bonding period I made some brief contacts with my two mentors and did some reading of specification for UVC devices as well as the header for the current USB kit. My mentors confirmed that the EHCI interface for isochronous transfers with USB devices is not working properly and does not have a good set of tests. Neither my camera nor my mentor’s camera are successfully engaged by Codycam at the moment. Fixing this fundamental connection issue is the first priority for the first quarter of the GSoC period, before moving on to working on the UVC driver.

The GSoC is organized around a northern hemisphere summer and I am still finishing off my semester at university at the moment, so coding for Haiku hasn’t been a possibility. A 100 page dissertation, final reports, projects and exams unfortunately take precedent at the moment. On June 7 I will have finished most major projects and only exams will be left. Exams shouldn’t be a big deal, so I should be able to start development at that point and can hopefully make up for lost time.

I’ll have more to report once I’ve gotten my hands dirty.