ZFS Port: Quarter Term Report

Blog post by generalmaximus on Fri, 2011-06-17 03:32

My quarter term goals for the ZFS port included porting all the libzpool dependencies to Haiku. Out of four major dependencies -- libavl, libnvpair, libuutil and libumem -- I already have two -- libavl and libnvpair -- building on Haiku. libumem and libuutil will take another few days, which puts me at least a week behind my original schedule.

I'm currently working on porting libuutil, which is presenting a few roadblocks but nothing that can't be fixed in one day's work.

When I have some free time, I want to take a break from working on the port and do some cleanup. So far I've indiscriminately copied all the Solaris headers I need into my own repository. This is bad. I eventually want to use as many Haiku headers as possible, only importing those definitions from Solaris that are missing from the Haiku headers.

After all the libraries are working, the next step is porting libzpool itself.

My source repository is located at http://github.com/GeneralMaximus/zfs-haiku.