[GSoC 2018 - TrackGit] Progress Report 2

Blog post by hrily on Tue, 2018-05-15 19:16

This is the second progress report for TrackGit project. I did the following in last week.

TrackGit repo

I created the repository for TrackGit. You can follow it at https://github.com/Hrily/TrackGit.

I also created Wiki to maintain the Weekly Progress report.

Icon for TrackGit

I added icon to project using a rdef file.


TrackGit uses libgit2 as interface for git. I tried compiling TrackGit using libgit2 but getting some header errors. I’m getting help from mentors regarding this.


TrackGit has few windows. So, I need to learn how to use BLayoutBuilder, which I started to learn recently.