[GSoC 2018 - TrackGit] Progress Report 7

Blog post by hrily on Mon, 2018-06-18 18:34

This is the seventh progress report for TrackGit project. I did the following in last week.

Merge Request on Haiku

At the start of the project, I had made a merge request on Haiku regarding Dynamic Add on menu. There were few comments on it which I forgot to check. I addressed those comments. Link to the merge request.

Implemented Add files command

I implemented the Add files command. This option adds the selected files to the git repository. Link to the commmit.

Implemented Add All files

This option is shown when no files are selected. This option adds all the changed files to the git repository. It is equivalent of git add --all. It is handy sometimes. Link to commit.

Addressed Stephens comments

Stephen posted some comments on my commits. I addressed them towards the end of the week. Link to thread.